The 115th US Open Spectator Guide


The Top Six Locations To Watch The US Open At Chambers Bay

Hole #16 Grandstand From The Fairway

World class professionals are coming to Chambers Bay to compete for the right to be called US Open Champion. Regional qualifiers ride a wave of euphoria from earning their spot the old fashioned way, by winning it. However, this tournament also presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the spectators who are fortunate enough to experience it all firsthand. Our insiders met up with Chambers Bay Caddie Chris Ming to discuss the best spots the course offers in terms of action, views, and total experience. If you are heading to Chambers this June, you are going to want to read this!

There are six viewing areas I really like for the US Open at Chambers Bay. They are the grandstands located on holes #7, #9, #13, #15, #16 and #1/#18. In my opinion, the best spot to be situated for many of these grandstands is in the top, left corner. From there, spectators are going to have an opportunity to see more than just the hole the stands are facing. If you can get there early enough to get on the sides, especially the top corners, you will be able to see a little bit more action than the rest of the people sitting in those seats.

Hole #7: Humpback

The stands at hole #7 overlook the 7th green and are angled to where you will be viewing a lot of the water. From this vantage you can see players teeing off down the hill on hole #5. With binoculars spectators can see people playing hole #6, and if you are on the top row, you can turn around and watch the players teeing off on hole #8.

Hole #9: Olympus

The grandstand at #9 sits left of the green, in relation to the top tee, and from the bottom tee it sits directly behind the green. If you’re fortunate enough to get on the very end of the grandstand, the northwest end, you have a chance to see quite a few different views. Not only are you going to be able to see tee shots on #9, you’ll be able to look out to your left and see players teeing off on #1, players coming up #18, and players teeing off on #10. With binoculars you might even see some action on #7. There are views of all sorts of holes from here, so I really like #9.

Hole #13: Eagle Eye

The grandstands at hole #13 are a really neat place to sit. There are two sets of stands, one that sits behind the green, and one to the left of it. The stand to the left of the green is directly facing the Puget Sound. You can also see some water from the stand behind the 13th green, but that stand faces a lot more down the 13th fairway. From the stand behind the green you can also see the players teeing off and playing #14, and if you look far enough to your left, there is a chance of seeing some play on #4.

Hole #15: Lone Fir

A long, downhill par-3, Lone Fir begins the home stretch. The grandstand sits left, and just short of the green. With players hitting shots straight down the hill, this is the stand where you might see some balls fly into the seats. I would say the best spot to sit here is again the very top row. Up there you can stand up, turn around and see players coming down the par-3 3rd hole, and you might even catch a little bit of the action on the approach and green of hole #11. Last but not least, you’re going to be able to follow the players as they walk off the 15th green and head over to tee off on hole #16.

Hole #16: Beached

Two sets of grandstands flank the 16th hole, one elevated on a dune, and the other sits behind the left corner of the green. From the dune you won’t see a ton of holes, but it is probably the best view of the Puget Sound. Again, if the people on the top rows can stand up and turn around, they might be able to catch a little bit of action off the tee on hole #2. For those who sit in the stands behind the green, they will want to sit on the top and towards the water side, which is the west side of the grandstand. I think they will be high enough up where they can stand up, turn around and watch the players tee off on the par-3 17th.

Hole #1: Puget Sound / Hole #18: Tahoma

Lastly, the grandstands that overlook holes #1 and #18 are magnificent! They are situated above the green on #1, and from there you can also see the players teeing off on #18. Spectators will be able to see players hit their approach shots on #18, and with binoculars even see the players finishing out their day on #18. To me, these are the six best viewing spots for the US Open at Chambers Bay.

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  1. Can’t wait to go see the first major back in the Puget Sound Region since Vijay won the PGA Championship back in 98. Great preview pics of the course with the bleachers and hospitality tents being built.

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