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Do your playing partners constantly poke fun at your tired golf wardrobe? Are you hosting an upcoming event and need thank you gifts or door prizes? Is there a golfer in your life, but you have absolutely no idea what to get them that is golf related? Introducing the instantly popular Trophy Golf Box, brought to you by!

Trophy Golf Boxes are a custom, one-of-a-kind mystery box hand picked by our professional stylists; with thousands of combinations, no two boxes are ever the same. Our experts carefully piece together a collection of golf apparel and gear that will make you feel like a million bucks next time you tee it up. No matter what your style is on the course, we are confident we can inject some fresh blood into your golf game.

To play your best, you must look your best, and no two player’s styles are identical. Some players opt for bright, bold colors that command the course pays attention when they step on the tee, while others want to look cool as the other side of the pillow. With this in mind our stylists have created three categories of Trophy Golf Boxes: Conservative, Athletic and Loud.

You are old school, but in a classic cool kind of way. Always comfortable on the course, a traditional fit suits you best. No graphic patterns for you, just solid neutral and earthy tones as cool as you over a 4 foot putt. Your game does all the talking.

Anyone who says golfers aren’t athletes hasn’t seen your swing. Mostly classic, there is a respect of tradition to your game, but you aren’t afraid to put a modern spin on classic. Performance fit, primary colors and subtle patterns mean you came ready to play.

You want all eyes on me from the moment you hit the practice green, you’re going to outshine the sun. Confidence, braggadocio, swagger, you have it all. Performance fit, all-over graphics and vibrant colors make you the one to look out for on the links.

What are you waiting for? Trophy Golf Boxes are a great value pairing name brand products with our professional stylists’ personal touch. Perfect for your adventurous side or as a thoughtful gift to someone you know. Once you place your order, sit back and let the anticipation and wonder take over, your Trophy Golf Box is on the way!

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Be sure to look for a miniature golden trophy in your Trophy Golf Box, if you happen to be the lucky recipient of one of these trophies, your next Trophy Box is on us FREE of charge!

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