2016 Players Irons Guide


Golf Discount’s 2016 Players Irons Guide

By Bob Gomavitz

Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by GolfDiscount.com to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for GolfWRX.com I felt that this would be an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.

There are two categories of players irons, blades and players cavity back irons. Blades are timeless, and will be around forever. They have evolved over the years by redistributing the weight or adding weight to certain areas of the head that increases forgiveness without hindering the feel and workability. Players cavity back irons are for players who want the look of a blade, but need extra forgiveness. Compared to classic muscle back designs, to give players increased forgiveness and launch angles, these clubs have thicker top lines, more weight around the perimeter and behind the ball.

This year I have included the target handicap range each club is best suited towards. This range is a benchmark for who manufacturers designed the club for and are marketing it to. It is to only give players an idea which offerings will give them the best chance to play well based on their skill level. These ranges are not to discourage you from trying out any of the following clubs. I encourage you to make your own judgements through your own testing, your hands and eyes will ultimately know best.

Testing was done at Newcastle Golf Course, along with Maplewood Golf Course, which is my home track.

Enjoy the Guide and I look forward to your thoughts, comments and/or questions, and thank you for taking the time to read my reviews.

Players Irons

Cobra King Pro Irons - MB

Cobra King Pro

  • Tour-inspired combo (CB/MB)
  • CNC milled face
  • Target Handicap: + to 6

Read The Review


Mizuno MP-5

  • New Channel Back Design
  • Harmonic Impact Technology
  • Target Handicap: + to 9

Read The Review


Titleist 716 CB

  • Tungsten weighting
  • Co-forged construction
  • Target Handicap: + to 9

Read The Review


Titleist 716 MB

  • Timeless forged design
  • Pre-worn leading edge
  • Target Handicap: + to 6

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Players Cavity Back Irons


Titleist 716 AP2

  • Tungsten weighting
  • Co-forged construction
  • Target Handicap: + to 16

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Wilson Staff FG Tour F5

  • Speed Sole Technology
  • Thin face-to-sole transition
  • Target Handicap: + to 16

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Players Irons

Cobra King Pro Irons Review

Cobra King Pro Irons - MB
Cobra King Pro Irons Face

Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour C Taper; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 34°

The Takeaway

The new King Pro Irons are a Tour-inspired combo set that is made up of a Cavity Back design for the 2-6 irons and a Muscle Back design for the 7-PW. 10-25 Carbon Steel heads are forged 5 times, which provides a soft, yet solid feel on every shot. The faces are CNC milled and deliver maximum spin and more consistent launch trajectories. Also, a strategically placed tungsten insert in the toe area helps move the CG to the center of the face for greater precision and shot making.

Who’s It For?

The Tour-inspired King Pro Irons are for players who carry a low handicap, create higher swing speeds than most, and have the ability to strike the ball near the face over and over again.

Final Take

First off, I need to mention the stunning cosmetics of this set. The black heads with orange trim really spells out the Cobra name since Rickie Fowler came aboard. These irons have a very traditional look with super clean lines.

This no frills set delivers exactly what it was made to do. The King Pro Irons have solid feel, great looks and top notch performance. I must say, the 7 iron head was the smallest looking head in my hands since maybe the 1970’s. Perhaps it was the sharp contrast of the black head against the satin KBS C Tapers shaft that gave me this impression, but the head size looked like a kid’s club to me. However, it without a doubt played like a big boy’s club.

Shop Cobra King Pro Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Mizuno MP-5 Irons Review


Club Tested: 6 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 30°

The Takeaway

New Channel Back design maintains thickness behind impact for muscle back feel, but moves enough mass to create stability on off-center strikes like in a players cavity model. Grain Flow Forged from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel for soft, solid, consistent feel. Harmonic Impact Technology fine tunes sound and feel.

Who’s It For?

A true player’s club here. Plus and lower handicap players who sense the quality of the strike and prefer the feel of high end forged irons. Those above a 6 handicap beware, it isn’t that this club is not right for you, but you might struggle with the smaller sweet spot and mishits.

Final Take

Being on the border line in ability to play these I found them fun to test. Buttery feel, crisp strikes and a higher ball flight were the first things that stood out, aside from their stunning looks. Having grown up playing blades, I would have gamed these back in the day without a doubt. I like the Channel Back design as it put more weight where it should be. A true Players Club indeed!

Shop Mizuno MP-5 Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Titleist 716 CB Irons Review


Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour 120; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 35°

The Takeaway

Precise distance comes from the use of extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center-of-gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed with Tour-proven trajectory and control. An innovative co-forged construction puts high density tungsten low and on the perimeter for added forgiveness in a Tour-proven cavity blade profile.

Who’s It For?

The 716 CB Irons are for golfers seeking shot control with forgiveness from a forged feel. Best for Tour level to low handicap players.

Final Take

Like the 714 CB irons, the 716 version are a true classic when it comes to slight cavity back players irons. They have stunning details and looks with top notch feel. My ball striking is pretty good, but these will tell you right away if you are off, but with a touch more forgiveness than the 716 MB.

Shop Titleist 716 CB Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Titleist 716 MB Irons Review


Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour 120; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 35°

The Takeaway

A timeless classic. 716 MB irons are constructed of a precise, high muscle design with a squarer toe, thin topline and pre-worn leading edge for maximum shot control. Precise shot control comes from the muscle design with a square toe, thin top line and pre-worn leading edge for maximum shot control. Titleist took a combination of player input and high-tech CAD modeling to design the 716 MB and delivered a pure, forged, muscle back feel.

Who’s It For?

The 716 MB Irons are for golfers seeking maximum shot control with traditional forged feel. These irons are best for Touring pro’s to very low digit amateurs.

Final Take

The 716 MB are timeless, traditional Muscle Back design. Super clean, thin, solid, workable and precision comes to mind when hitting these irons. I found them easier to hit than I thought they would be, however overall my game calls for a much more forgiving head. No doubt, one of the sweetest looking and feeling irons on the market.

Shop Titleist 716 MB Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Titleist 716 T-MB Irons Review


Club Tested: 6 Iron Shaft: Dynamic Gold AMT S300; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 29°

The Takeaway

The brand new T-MB Irons are all about speed and launch from a thin, fast face for maximum distance. Titleist has placed high density tungsten weighting on the sole to create a center gravity that is low and deep on the clubface. This allows players to produce a stronger loft resulting in higher launch angles, lower spin and more carry. The muscle back and tungsten weighting also give these irons added forgiveness and higher ball speeds on off-center strikes.

Who’s It For?

The T-MB Irons are designed mainly for players that need help launching the ball higher and carrying longer distances. Many players may choose to combine the long irons (2-5) with another version of Titleist irons, while others will go for the whole set. In either case, these players prefer the look of blades but want or need more forgiveness.

Final Take

Combined with the True Temper Dynamic Gold ATM shaft, the T-MB Irons really excel in the 2-5 Irons. Testing the 6 iron also proved to me that this version can also be played throughout the entire set. I found this head to produce a nice consistent flight with an excellent solid feel. One of the easier irons that I have hit this year without a doubt! I loved the looks and really enjoyed the two tone Colorway with a Dark Gray/Black sole. The Dynamic Gold ATM shafts really make the long irons elevate quickly and land softly. Another benefit being they are easier to swing as the shaft gets lighter the lower the number, while also producing more launch with the lower number irons. The T-MB irons offer a great combination of feel and forgiveness in those somewhat hard to hit long irons.

Shop Titleist 716 T-MB at GolfDiscount.com

XXIO Forged Irons Review

XXIO Forged Irons

XXIO Forged Irons Face

Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 940GH; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 30°

The Takeaway

The XXIO Forged Irons produce longer distance from a higher repulsion face with an enlarged thin area, creating an expanded sweet spot. XXIO has moved the CG closer to the grip through a lightweight shaft that make it an overall lighter weight club. Dual Speed Technology maximizes a player’s rotational efficiency while also delivering more kinetic energy at impact. The end result: more head speed, more ball speed, and more distance.

Who’s It For?

These irons are perfect for players who are looking for that forged iron feel, but want as big of a sweet spot as possible. Also, players who are looking for maximum elevation and incredible distance will want to have a look at these irons. One note, with the lightweight shaft, players with larger hands might struggle with the smaller grips, which is a byproduct of the DST principal.

Final Take

Testing the XXIO irons last year was quite a surprise. This year’s forged version did not let me down and wowed me even more so. The feel was incredible, extremely solid yet with great feedback. I found that mishits also felt better than most heads I have tested. Elevating the ball is effortless and well struck shots get a great jump off the face. It was a thing of beauty to watch in the air. Distance came with ease and was consistent. Definitely one of the best irons that I have tested this year to date.

Shop XXIO Forged Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Players Cavity Back Irons

Callaway Apex Pro Irons Review

Callaway Apex Pro Irons

Callaway Apex Pro Irons Face

Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: True Temper PX 5.5; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 34°

The Takeaway

Callaway relied heavily on their Tour player’s feedback for this forged design. These irons have a classic, authentic look, and soft feel from quadruple net forging that the pros demand. And with progressive flow weighting from the multi-material design you have the precision, playability and MOI you need for each club. Progressive CG for playability and precision, achieved through their multi-material design, optimizes the CG of each club. The long irons (3–5) have more offset in a tungsten insert a lower CG for higher launch. The shorter irons (6-AW) a have a higher CGA for control penetrating trajectory.

Who’s It For?

The Apex Pro irons are for better players that are looking for forgiveness, precision, workability, and the sweet, buttery feel of forged irons.

Final Take

Like the Apex CF, the looks of this iron are top notch. Add in a very soft solid feel, ample distance and clean look at address and it all adds up to a very nice offering from Callaway. I found these to have an even softer feel than the CF version, but lost some of the forgiveness. Compared to the Apex CF the distance was shorter, but to be fair the Apex CF irons were super long. These are an excellent player’s cavity back iron.

Shop Callaway Apex Pro Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons Review

Cobra King Forged Tec Irons
Cobra King Forged Tec Irons Face

Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour C Taper Lite; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 30°

The Takeaway

The King Forged Tec Irons are a multi-material construction club head. The iron heads include strategically placed tungsten inserts, a high strength steel face, and a 10-25 Carbon Steel body. By having a thinner lightweight steel face Cobra can save overall club weight allowing them to add more weight lower and deeper in the head for longer, straighter, higher flying shots.

Who’s It For?

The King Forged Tec Irons are a step up in terms of forgiveness from the King Pro Irons and will provide the better player a larger head with an increased sweet spot all while still providing that sweet forged feel. Great for + to 10-handicap players who desire great feel and still have the ability to work the ball.

Final Take

Right away, I instantly felt more confident with the King Forged Tec Irons in my hands compared to the much smaller heads of the King Pro Irons. I really liked the looks and the stock shaft offering (KBS C Taper Lite) but there was a slight click feeling/sound that made me think twice shot after shot. Though, the ball flight and distance were on par for the set up.

Ultimately, I just could not get past the impact sound as they sounded more like a game improvement iron to me. Sometimes the dampening cosmetic back plate causes this sound (which might be the case with these) and not the construction. I could get used to it just like I did with a White driver head, but I wanted to mention this in my review.

Shop Cobra King Forged Tec Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Mizuno MP-25 Irons Review


Club Tested: 6 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 30°

The Takeaway

Grain Flow Forged Boron is 30% stronger material delivering soft, solid, consistent feel. Micro-Slot Technology in the 3-6 irons feature milling the head from the sole up creates a micro–slot that activates the strength of the 1025 Boron material for added distance and increased forgiveness. Solid 1025 Boron Muscle Design in the 7-PW enhances feel and shot-making maneuverability.

Who’s It For?

The MP-25 will fit right in for those players looking for the forged iron feel, but with enhanced forgiveness and launch in the long to mid irons. Great for Plus to 10 handicap players.

Final Take

Just as gorgeous as the MP-5’s at address, the MP-25 hides its added bulk nicely. The added bulk allows for increased forgiveness on mishits and an increased launch angle, which I felt and saw. A great addition for the player that just does not see the true sweet spot enough to play the MP-5’s. Interestingly enough, I found that I personally liked the MP-5’s better but could not put a finger on why because the MP-25’s are more suited for my game.

Shop Mizuno MP-25 Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons Review

Vapor Fly Pro Irons
Vapor Fly Pro Irons Face

Club Tested: Vapor Fly Pro 7 Iron Shaft: True Temper XP 95; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 32°

The Takeaway

Modern Muscle balances the CG in the center of the Vapor Fly Iron face for the highest ability and purest feel. RZN Enhanced construction create a lower and deeper weighting and a higher ball flight. The Flexible NexCOR faces and FlyBeam reinforced chassis work in concert to deliver fast consistent ball speeds across a wider area. The set features hollow cavity long irons (2-5) for superior forgiveness, RZN Pocket mid-irons (6-8) for combined stability with refined feel, and RZN cavity short irons (9-AW) allow shotmaking creativity. A professional profiles inspires enhanced workability.

Who’s It For?

The Vapor Fly Pro, of their entire lineup, will cover the largest segment of players. Low to mid-high handicaps will really benefit from the three different designs within the entire set.

Final Take

Wow! First off, the cosmetics of the Vapor Fly Pro is one of my favorites by far. The all black clubhead with photo blue trim pops, yet it is clean and simple. No paint fill on the face is a plus because it gives it a super clean look at address. I feel the head size is perfect and yields a slight larger top line compared to other Players Irons. The ball flight was slightly higher than normal due to the True Temper XP shaft. With this shaft I got the ball in the air in a hurry. I found the feel was very, very solid with outstanding feedback, and the distance, coming from a 32 degree 7 iron head was outstanding. This Iron not only looks the part, but plays the part as well. One of my favorite irons from 2016 so far.

Shop Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Titleist 716 AP2 Irons Review


Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: KBS Tour 120; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 34°

The Takeaway

Titleist’s self-proclaimed most advanced, solid feeling and forgiving Tour players irons, the 716 AP2 irons use extreme high density tungsten weighting to position the center of gravity low and perfectly aligned at impact for more speed. A co-forged construction with tungsten weighting low and on the perimeter helps increase the moment of inertia on off-center hits.

Who’s It For?

With its design and features this is a true Players Iron. Players who demand feel and forgiveness without sacrificing distance, and want a blade look from their irons apply here!

Final Take

My first look at the new 716 AP2’s told my mind that this version looked slightly smaller than the 714 version. Also, I noticed the tungsten weight right away. Like the 714s, the 716s are again a very solid feeling club, with excellent looks and cosmetics. The 716s have a slightly higher ball flight mainly due to the weaker lofts compared to so many strong lofted versions out there these days. Definitely one of the top players irons.

Shop Titleist 716 AP2 Irons at GolfDiscount.com

Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons Review


Club Tested: 7-Iron Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold XP; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 35°

The Takeaway

Wilson’s Speed Sole Technology creates a thin face–two–sole transition that expands the sweet spot lower on the face for faster ball speeds in the long to mid irons. A stabilizing bar provides support behind a thin, responsive face to allow for greater forgiveness while still maintaining shot workability. The 8620 carbon steel is forged for the ultimate in feel, feedback and response.

Who’s It For?

Wilson Staff FG F5 irons are perfectly forged for softer feel while incorporating distance–enhanced technology in the long and mid irons for enhanced playability. Low to Mid handicap players that struggle with the longer irons will enjoy this set.

Final Take

Having grown up with Wilson Staff’s in my bag when I was younger I am always interested in testing out Staff Irons. I like how Wilson has expanded the weighting to cover more of the face compared to the F4 version. The Carbon Steel provided a great feel, the ball flight was piercing and not too high with average distance. Again, to me the Lamkin grip felt more like a ladies or Jr. sized grip even in my not very big hands.

Shop Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 Irons at GolfDiscount.com

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Bob Gomavitz

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  1. Orlando Aleman on

    I found this guide very helpful. If I was a lower handicap, I’d definitely would go with the Nike Vapors.

  2. Paul Corcoran on

    Thanks for your reviews, it great to understand the minor differences in the performance characteristics of these clubs.

  3. Great article, narrowed down my choice selection now I just have to hit them to see what I like best! Thanks!

  4. Very nice review. I like that you included the lofts of the clubs and well as which type of player the clubs are best suited for. I too find that I do like the feel of the “better player’ clubs than my handicap is suited for.


    • Bob Gomavitz on

      Thanks Tom,

      I felt it was important to include the lofts, as the vary so much these days. Someone’s 7 iron is someone’s else’s 6 iron spec wise. I also felt that it could save time when comparing different models side by side instead of doing a search on the OEM’s web site for the actual specs. As for feel, I know what your saying, but there is something about hitting more greens and making more birdies that outweighs a great feel for my book.

  5. John M Domagal on

    I play Talormade. Why were they not on the list? Cobra has come a long way and are generally less expensive.

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      The new Taylormade irons for 2016 are more on the Game Improvement side. If you have a look at the 2015 Taylormade Iron Reviews you might find what you are looking for there. Otherwise, check out the 2016 Game Improvement section for the reviews on the M2 products. Thanks

  6. Thomas Daniels on

    I just started using the Ping I . Great clubs , goes 9-10 yards further. Also hitting them higher.

  7. As someone looking for new clubs this year, I appreciate the reviews, especially coming from a GolfWRX reviewer. After reading the review of the Nike Vapor Fly Pro irons, they are defiantly on my short list. The combination of three types of irons as the set transitions from long to short irons appeals to me and my game. I’m looking forward to trying them out.

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    Great to see someone lusting the type of player these irons are intended for. Big help at selection time.

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    i’m in the market for some new irons and a player at my club just bought the Taylor made M-2 irons and really likes them. I was surprised you didnt have them in your review. I was leaning towards Callaway but i was really impressed with the review of the Nike Vapor irons. I’ve never owned any Nike clubs but really want to try these out. Great review

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      The M2’s are not considered a Players Cavity type of head. The review on the M2 irons will be up soon as will many more Game Improvement type of heads.

  10. Thomas Hannan on

    This was very informative and very helpful especially since I maybe looking to get new irons in the near future.

  11. Guide is somewhat helpful but lacks some in the “Who’s it for” section. While handicap is a partial indicator, more important is type of ball striker and shot profiles. General terms of mis-hits cover a multitude of sins but don’t accurately describe the many ways mis-hits happen. Also long and high are relative terms that can mean a lot of different things to people reading the write-ups.

    Without some kind of reference to reviewer’s normal distance and shot profile, the descriptions provided can’t be put into context. Review would provide better value if enhanced by description of writers golf game. Irons are 25% of the game but clearly the linkage to getting on greens in regulation, this thought needs to be included in the evaluation.

    A color coded scale would be great…something like seen below (R=RED, Y=YELLOW, G=GREEN): Indicates this club is best suited for 8-11 handicapers

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 20+
    R R R R R Y Y Y G G G G Y Y Y Y R R R R R R

  12. Guide is somewhat helpful but lacks some in the “Who’s it for” section. While handicap is a partial indicator, more important is type of ball striker and shot profiles. General terms of mis-hits cover a multitude of sins but don’t accurately describe the many ways mis-hits happen. Also long and high are relative terms that can mean a lot of different things to people reading the write-ups.

    Without some kind of reference to reviewer’s normal distance and shot profile, the descriptions provided can’t be put into context. Review would provide better value if enhanced by description of writers golf game. Irons are 25% of the game but clearly the linkage to getting on greens in regulation, this thought needs to be included in the evaluation.

    A color coded scale would be great…something like seen below (R=RED, Y=YELLOW, G=GREEN): Indicates this club is best suited for 8-11 handicapers

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      Email me your thoughts…..I would love to read them and talk about it. Always open to suggestions. Thanks for you time and thoughts.

  13. Great review. I wish I was a better player to be able to actually use most of these clubs but I’m just a duffer that would benefit from game improvement irons

  14. Really enjoyed those reviews. I’m 72. Hcp 10 and seem to play better with a light steel shaft. Just never liked graphite.believe me I have lots of golf clubs ( 6-8 sets of iron, 50+ putters, too many woods to count). I keep going back to an older MacGregor set which have a very light steel shaft. Any suggestions?

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      Many of the OEM’s are offering a lightweight steel shaft either as a stock offering, or as a custom option. Nippon golf shafts are my favorite for sub 100 gram shafts and offer a nice variety. I would highly reccomend testing an iron that is shafted with these shafts. Visit the Nippon site and learn which version would best fit your game. The 950 or 850 high launch can be helpful for certain swing speeds

  15. Travis Hayes on

    I appreciate that fact that I can check the reviews that fit my handicap. I am considering a fitting and new irons. Thanks for these excellent reviews and shaving some of the time off my search.

    Hit it straight!

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  17. I’m a 12 handicap and I like the description and look of the Nike Vapor Fly Pro Irons. I think they might improve my game.

  18. Great honest reviews. leaning towards the XXIO. Maybe you could rank them according to which you’ll most likely get should you be in the market to change your set.

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      That would be very hard to do and also I am not sure how it could help with people’s buying decisions unless they had a similar game as mine. I will tell you that I would expect minor differences in my shot making from the majority of these heads. My guess is that any of iron sets with some sort of cavity design will out preform three blades for my level of game. Slightly toe side of center is my main contact area, thus I look at iron sets that have Incorporate some bulk in the toe area.

      Thank you for your thoughts and comments

  19. Clark Schwieg on

    Great review. Glad I read it. I was considering buying the Mizuno MP-5 but after reading this it looks like I need to reconsider.

    Thanks Bob

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      You considered the Mizuno irons for a reason as do many golfers. Personally I tend to gravitate towards other forged heads other than Mizuno’s and I am not sure why that is. Their top notch no doubt about it and I know plenty of golfers that would never use anything but Mizuno’s. If your after Blades these are at the top for sure.


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    Great reviews! All of them are great clubs. I’ve played either Titleist or Ping irons for many years. Even though I don’t quite have the game for them, I prefer the traditional-styled irons….thinner top line and little offset. I was gaming Titleist 714 AP2’s when the 716 AP2’s came out. I loved the slightly more compact blade look. I ordered a set and I’ve been playing them ever since. Great feel and feedback.

    • Bob Gomavitz on


      24 might be much, but the XXIO irons come with very light weight shafts. The head is quite large and offers up the most forgiveness of any of the forged irons that I tested. I’ll rethink this set and adjust…..thanks for your input.

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      I hope that you read up on the 2016 Game Improvemnt Reviews….this should offer you plenty of choices.

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    Great job with the Final Take section – I like to comments about how the grips felt. Thanks for providing detail in all the reviews.

    • Bob Gomavitz on

      Thanks Greg,

      Grips are a big part of how a club feels and in your hand, and how your hand works with the club so I notice something not the Nora, I like to mention it in the reviews.

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    • Bob Gomavitz on


      Both Ping and Taylormade Irons will be coming up in the Game Improvement reviews…..look for them soon!

  32. Marty Durkin on

    Thanks for the clear and unbiased reviews. Lots of noise out there and this article gives me a great point of reference to begin my journey to upgrading my irons. Although I first have to sell my CFO (the wife) on why this purchase is important!

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    • Bob Gomavitz on

      Thanks Todd,

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