Expert Review: Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball


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Callaway ERC Soft

Working in the industry makes it easy for me to keep my eye out for brand new products as they come to market, and in 2019, a ball that caught my eye is the brand-new Callaway ERC Soft Golf Ball.

Due to the recent snow storms, I have not had the opportunity to personally test the ball on course, but I thought it was still important to showcase the Callaway ball that is new to the market. (I hope to find an open course this weekend where I can put this ball through a full test run)

The first golf ball to don the initials of Callaway’s founder, Ely Reeves Callaway, we can draw some conclusions as to its makeup and characteristics.

The Callaway clubs that have previously held the ERC moniker have been all about distance, and the ERC Soft golf ball is no exception. Callaway claims this is a distance ball re-imagined.

Callaway ERC Soft

  • 3-Piece Construction
  • Multi-Material Hybrid Cover
  • Graphene-Infused Dual SoftFast Core
  • Triple Track Technology


The larger inner core of the Dual SoftFast Core is designed to maximize energy generated through compression while working in conjunction with aerodynamic HEX dimples to lower driver spin and increase launch angle for longer carry.

The Dual SoftFast Core is also infused with graphene, a super-strong, yet flexible material which helps the ball snap back to its original shape more quickly post impact.

The cover is engineered out of a multi-material hybrid compound that is somewhere between a traditional ionomer and urethane cover. Callaway claims the hybrid cover will retain the properties of a distance ball, while also providing increased spin and a soft feel with scoring irons and around the green.

The physical components of the golf ball are intriguing in themselves, but I think the most fascinating aspect of this ball is the Triple Track technology. I’m looking forward to experimenting with lining up my putts with Triple Track.

Triple Track technology consists of the three lines that replaces the traditional single alignment line. Their placement, color and thickness are all very intentional and based on the principles of Vernier Acuity.

The gist of Vernier Acuity is that a person uses what is called hyperacuity to notice subtle misalignment of lines. A thicker, bright center line is flanked by two darker, thinner, parallel lines. Their width is important as well. Too wide or too narrow and the effectiveness decreases.

By comparison, a single line has no frame of reference for misalignment. So, in golf terms, Triple Track technology makes it easier for someone to line up the center line on their putting line.

I’ll report back ASAP about how they play after I have the opportunity.

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  1. my handicap is 14 and im 75 years old. i play callaway soft yellow soccer balls which give me the long drives which are 225 to 275 yard. i have not had a chance to play the callaway erc ball because i live in wisconsin, but i will try the new erc callaway when i can. i love the callaway equipment. thank you bob ps when i started playing the callaway balls i have been playing to a 6 or 7 handicap.

  2. I don’t get to golf as much as I would like. As I slowly improve my swing, I’m hoping to add more distance off my drives to my game. I’m very excited to try these balls out, see if they can help me add some more distance to the game.

  3. Love the Chrome Soft ball! Two of the longest drives I have ever hit were both with this ball. One drive just short of 300, the other 304. Am 74 years old, played to a 5 during college golf but have not had an established handicap for 15+ years. Have some ERC balls but have yet to try. Hope they are as good or better than. Chrome Soft. They should help with hole alignment in putting as the older you get, the harder it is to get it in the hole.

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