VIDEO: The Luckiest Shots on the European Tour


What’s the luckiest golf shot you’ve ever hit?

Maybe it was a hole-in-one. Because no matter how well someone strikes a golf ball, luck is needed to hole a shot.

Luck is also needed to avoid trouble after hitting a horrible shot. For proof, watch the above video: “European Tour: Luckiest Shots.” It confirms two things. One, tour pros hit ugly golf shots. Two, tour pros are incredibly lucky.

I’m reminded of that old sports adage: “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Those fellows in the video are both lucky and good.

There’s also the phrase “the rub of the green,” which has been around since the 1700s according to The Phrase Finder and is not just a golf saying.

Oxford Living Dictionaries defines “the rub of the green” as 1) “good fortune, especially as determining events in a sporting match”; and 2) “Golf: an accidental or unpredictable influence on the course or position of the ball.”

I wish you “good fortune” because golf is hard. When it comes to being lucky or good, not all of us can be good. But all of us can be lucky. And that can help us endure and enjoy this difficult game.

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Neil Sagebiel

Neil Sagebiel is a golf writer and author of two golf books published by St. Martin's Press, THE LONGEST SHOT and DRAW IN THE DUNES. He lives in Floyd, Virginia.

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