Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

The new Callaway Rogue Draw Driver features all the same performance enhancing technologies as the Rogue Driver, paired with draw-promoting qualities to help you battle the slice.
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Callaway Rogue Draw Driver

More Powerful. More Forgiving.

The vast majority of amateur golfers fight a slice, and no club is more prone to slicing than the driver. Its long shaft and straight face impart the highest degree of sidespin at the fastest rate, creating the largest amount of curve, killing control and stealing distance. That’s why Callaway built draw-promoting qualities into the Rogue Draw. Chronic slicers, this driver was made for you.

Rogue Draw features a 5-gram screw in sole near the heel and substantial internal weighting at the heel. This pulls the CG location inward, toward the heel. That enhances the head’s ability to create “gear effect,” a physical action that minimizes slice-spin when the face is open at impact.

Rogue Draw includes all of the same innovative, distance-enhancing features of the standard Rogue driver, including the combination of Jailbreak and X-Face VFT technologies, improved Boeing Aerodynamics Package and triaxial carbon crown, all designed to work together to promote an increase in ball speed and distance.

Jailbreak Effect for Enhanced Ball Speed

Combined power of Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT Technology that promote high ball speed and long distance.

Draw-enhancing External and Internal Weighting

Added weight in the heel moves the CG inward, enhancing gear effect on open-faced impacts to minimize slice-spin or promote draw-spin.

Triaxial Carbon Crown and New Head Shape for Increased MOI

Largest ever carbon composite crown surface area in a Callaway driver and new high-MOI shape with larger address footprint combine to increase stability and forgiveness.

Boeing Aero Package

Redefined leading-edge geometry increases the Speed Step’s efficiency for better airflow and more head speed.

Premium Shaft Selection at Multiple Weights

Rogue offers a wide range of premium aftermarket shafts at varying weights including the Aldila Synergy, Aldila Quaranta, Project X EvenFlow, and HZRDS Yellow.

Expert Review

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Written By: Keith Schneider

Player Stats:
  • Age: 33
  • Handicap: 8.4
  • Years Playing Golf: 19
  • WITB:
  • Driver: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 10.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 75 X-Stiff
  • Wood: Titleist 910 Fd 15° (tuned to 14.25°) 42.25" Diamana 'Ahina 82 Stiff
  • 2-Iron: Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi KBS Tour C Taper Lite Stiff 1° weak 1.5°
  • upright Irons: Mizuno MP-68 +1/2" Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff 2°
  • upright Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM5 54° Dynamic Gold S200 S
  • Grind Wedge: Titleist Vokey Wedge Works 60° Dynamic Gold S200 K Grind; Titleist Vokey SM5 62° Dynamic Gold S200 T
  • Grind Putter: Titleist 2015 GoLo3 35"; Odyssey White Hot Pro #9 36"
  • Balls: Titleist ProV1/ProV1x; TaylorMade Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X; Callaway Chrome Soft X


Club Tested: Rogue Driver & Rogue Draw Driver; Shaft: Project X EvenFlow 60; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 9°

The Takeaway

Callaway gathered valuable real-world data from players using the GBB Epic driver and applied the findings to create the all-new, super-charged Callaway Rogue driver. Hourglass-shaped titanium bars achieve the same “Jailbreak Effect” as the Jailbreak bars in the Epic, but significantly reduce the weight of the bars without affecting their ability to minimize sole and crown deflection at impact.

There is quite a bit of forgiveness engineered into the Rogue driver. The enhanced X-Face architecture strategically thickens and thins out the face to promote higher ball speeds on off-center hits. With the help of Boeing engineers, Callaway redefined the leading-edge geometry to increase the Speed Step’s efficiency for better airflow and increased club head speeds. Finally, the ultra-light triaxial carbon crown allows more weight to be distributed into the head’s perimeter increasing MOI and stability on off-center hits.

Who's It For?

Everyone should come and hit it! Players of all skill levels will benefit from the technologies in this driver. Better players looking for a bit more workability may want to check out the Rogue Sub Zero version, and players looking for help drawing the ball will want to give the Rogue Draw version a try.

Final Take

After a couple swings it was hard to find a fault with this driver. In terms of the shot results, I consistently produced a penetrating ball flight with excellent distance and a slight draw. On the day of testing I was hitting into a head wind and had no issue keeping up the ball speeds to easily carry the back net of the range over 235 yards away. If a power fade is more your thing, you’ll have no issue bombing cuts down the fairway. The Callaway Rogue driver has a lager footprint at address than the Epic driver and the forgiveness the Rogue produces off the heel and toe is uncanny. Well struck balls hit off-center still produced long distances and near optimal ball flights.

The Callaway Rogue driver has a wonderfully subtle, yet powerful look to it. The softer teal accents work really well with the triaxial carbon crown fade-in styling. Looking at the clubface head on it looks a bit busy with the scoring lines and the X-Face design, but I didn’t notice any clutter while the chevron on the crown helped align the ball at address. One challenge manufacturers face with carbon composite crowns on drivers is a more muted smack at impact, and the Callaway Rogue driver passes with flying colors.

Rogue Draw Version

The Callaway Rogue Draw driver features all the same technologies as the standard Rogue driver, but added weight in the heel moves the CG inward to combat slicing-spin and promote a draw ball flight.

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