Cleveland 588 RTX CB 2.0 Black Satin Wedge

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Cleveland 588 RTX CB 2.0 Black Satin Wedge (4.90), Reviews (41)
The 588 RTX 2.0 offers three distinct sole grinds which are available on this cavity-back wedge. Combined with their state-of-the-art micro-milled face pattern, tour zip grooves, and laser milled texture, these wedges are proven to optimize your short game, regardless of your ability level.

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588 RTX 2.0 Black Satin Wedge

The Evolution of Spin

The 588 RTX 2.0 offers three distinct sole grinds which are available on this cavity-back wedge. Combined with their state-of-the-art micro-milled face pattern, tour zip grooves, and laser milled texture, these wedges are proven to optimize your short game, regardless of your ability level.

Tour Zip Grooves
Fourth generation Tour Zip Grooves combine sharper grooves and deeper micro-milling to provide superior spin on all shots from the rough.

Laser Milling
Fine tunes the micro-roughness for more consistency and texture across the face. This allows Cleveland to reach the USGA roughness limit, and pushing this boundary lends itself to increased spin on pitch and chip shots.

Rotex 2.0 Face Pattern
Advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern provides a strategically designed roughness that is close to the USGA limit. This leads to increased friction and more spin, especially from inconsistent lies.

RTX 2.0 Technology
Rotex face technology literally changed the face of spin in golf last year. Rotex 2.0 takes spin control to yet another level. 15% sharper grooves and a new micro-milled Rotex face pattern give these wedges the most surface roughness the USGA will allow. It’s Spin 2.0.

Sole Design
Cleveland created three distinct grind options for the 588 RTX 2.0 wedge family. This comprehensive system has made it easier than ever for any golfer to build a wedge set that maximizes performance based on turf conditions, playing preference, and skill level. By progressively varying the wedge’s sole design according to bounce, Cleveland has created an unmatched array of scoring tools that players can simply and easily identify as the best options for their game.

Low Bounce Grind (1 Dot)

  • Lowest effective bounce
  • Ideal for firm conditions and/or players with a more shallow attack angle
  • Keeps leading edge close to the ground for aggressive lob shots, yet provides stability on square-faced full shots

STD Bounce Grind (2 Dot)

  • Mid effective bounce
  • Ideal for a wide variety of conditions and/or players with a neutral attack angle
  • All-around playability and versatility, allowing the golfer to execute a variety of shots from most playing conditions

Full Sole (3 Dot)

  • Consistent sole width
  • Higher effective bounce
  • Ideal for softer conditions and/or players with a steep attack angle
  • Full shape gives stability on full shots, however the curvature in the sole still allows the player to open the face



Great club, easy to hit.
Great club, easy to hit.
Cleveland 588 RTX CB is great replacement sand wedge!
Great feel around the green and out of the sand. Solid out of deep lies. The center back gives it nice weight to get a little more punch. Good up and down.
good deal
good deal
Good stuff!
Good stuff!
Excellent service, excellent product
I purchased the Cleveland 588 RTX CB 2.0 56 degree club to compliment the Cleveland 588 RTX CB 52 degree club I have been using. These clubs of course, are popular clubs with excellent reputations. I intend to use the 56 degree club as a sand wedge primarily, although I have been practicing using it for chipping. While golf here in the northeast is on hold until Spring, I have a net strung up in the basement that allows me to practice chips and half swings. I expect this 56 degree club to perform as well as the 52 has. Service from Golf Discount was quick and accurate.
Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedges
I purchased a 54 and a 56 degree Cleveland Wedges and am extremely happy with the playability of the clubs. They have a great feel around the green and in the sand. I also had a very good experience dealing with Golf Discount.
Amazing wedge
I love this Cleveland sand wedge. It generates great spin and the bounce is perfect for sand shots.
Great Wedge
Always played Cleveland wedges. No disappointment with these. Nice looking club.
Great service
Great service here at golf discount great price! These wedges look great I got them for my father. He has not had time to use them being December in central NY we have 3ft of snow. But Cleveland always makes a great wedges I am sure it will perform.
52 and 56 Cleveland wedges
As usual perfect
Cleveland RTX Wedge
Probably the best wedge I've ever had in my golf bag. Golf made this sale because of their pricing and free shipping. Continue to offer low prices and free shipping and I'll continue to shop.
Callaway 588 wedges
Ive only tried them at an indoor driving range as it's December. I love them so far. Can't wait for spring so I can try them on the course.
Great wedges!
Great wedges!
It's not new one. but~
It works good, When I used it at games. Every time It helps to make a good score.
588 2.0 cb wedges
Love the 2.0 cb wedges. Feel good on all types of shots.
No problem
No problem
Cleveland Wedge Is Great
I recently purchased a Cleveland Wedge and love it. I ordered it with a graphite shaft, which is not easy to find and i received it on time and correct. I also saved a few bucks because it was on sale too. Thanks Golfdiscount
Excellent service
Excellent service
Great Product fast shipping great transaction
I really like the product and the service was awesome, fast shipping and easy transaction, thanks
Cleveland Wedge
Great condition and came quickly and well packaged.
no better wedge !!
The quality of a Cleveland
The quality of a Cleveland wedge at a discount. I couldn't be happier
Cleveland wedge
I purchased this club to replace an old Cleveland wedge that was "wore" out. This is probably my most used club and the new wedge works just like I had hoped. I am ordering another with less loft to add to my bag!!
Cleveland wedge
Item as described. Prompt shipping. All good.
Stopping power
These clubs stop the ball with back spin,Best I've every played,My new wedges.
Par Savers
Par Savers
Awesome wedge!would buy again
Awesome wedge!would buy again
Great place for golf equipment.
This is the second time purchasing equipment from Golf Discount. I am very pleased with the price, shipping and customer service. Golf Discount will be the first place I look the next time I want to upgrade my equipment.


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