Cleveland RTX 4 Tour Raw Wedge

Cleveland RTX 4 Tour Raw Wedge

RTX 4 is the most advanced tour wedge Cleveland has ever created. Built with more spin, more versatility, and a more compact, tour-driven shape, it provides ultimate tour performance.
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RTX 4 Wedge

Get More Spin

RTX 4 is the most advanced tour wedge Cleveland has ever created. Built with more spin, more versatility, and a more compact, tour-driven shape, it provides ultimate tour performance.

Rotex Face Technology

Controlling your wedge shots is only possible with ample, predictable spin. So new 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all conditions, giving you better distance control, improved accuracy, and lower scores.

Sharper Tour Zip Grooves

Sharper, deeper grooves slice through grass, sand and water for more consistent spin on every shot.

More Durable Laser Milling

Longer-lasting laser milling brings face roughness right to the conforming limit for more friction and more spin on all shots.

Centered Rotex Face Milling

Milling that’s in-line with your strike pattern increases backspin on all full, pitch, and chip shots.

Tour-Developed Sole Grinds

Four sole grinds deliver enough versatility to execute every short game shot imaginable.


The traditional mid-bounce you know and love. Enjoy crisp pitch shots and solid full-shot performance.

•• MID

This V-Shaped Sole cuts smoothly through turf and its trailing edge relief keeps the leading edge low on open face shots.


A C-Shape provides heel and toe relief for ultimate versatility from any lie.


The lowest bounce RTX 4 wedge is perfect for tight lies and hitting with an extremely open face.

Tour Shaping

Low RTX 4 lofts are more compact with a straight leading edge, blending perfectly with your short irons. Higher lofts have a traditional wedge shape for pitch and chip shots around the green. RTX 4’s more compact blade shape is a direct result of extensive tour testing and feedback. Enjoy better feel and more control with this tour-developed, player-oriented shaping.

Progressive Feel Balancing Technology

Next-generation Feel Balancing Technology is optimized by loft for even more short game control.


Written By: Keith Schneider

Player Stats:
  • Age: 33
  • Handicap: 8.4
  • Years Playing Golf: 19
  • WITB:
  • Driver: Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 10.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 75 X-Stiff
  • Wood: Titleist 910 Fd 15° (tuned to 14.25°) 42.25" Diamana 'Ahina 82 Stiff
  • 2-Iron: Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli-Hi KBS Tour C Taper Lite Stiff 1° weak 1.5°
  • upright Irons: Mizuno MP-68 +1/2" Dynamic Gold S300 Stiff 2°
  • upright Wedge: Titleist Vokey SM5 54° Dynamic Gold S200 S
  • Grind Wedge: Titleist Vokey Wedge Works 60° Dynamic Gold S200 K Grind; Titleist Vokey SM5 62° Dynamic Gold S200 T
  • Grind Putter: Titleist 2015 GoLo3 35"; Odyssey White Hot Pro #9 36"
  • Balls: Titleist ProV1/ProV1x; TaylorMade Tour Preferred/Tour Preferred X; Callaway Chrome Soft X


I played a couple rounds with the RTX 4 56° midsole wedge and one round with the CBX 56° wedge. With the RTX 4, I decided to simply use it as I would normally use my Vokey SM7 56° (which has a DG S400 shaft) and see if it lined up yardage-wise. After a few swings, I found that I hit both wedges about the same distance and began to focus on the feel.

The face of the RTX 4 wedges are rough to the touch. The laser milled lines almost give the wedge a feeling of raised grooves between the actual grooves (similar to the Callaway MD4 wedges which have raised grooves). I felt confident on full shots that the ball would zip off the face with a lot of spins and either check or back up, depending on ball flight. My results confirmed that confidence in spades.

Around the greens the RTX 4 was really nice once again. The wedge had a balanced feel in my hand and I noticed I was able to elevate the ball quickly from lies in the rough, as well as from the fairway. The quick elevation combined with the spin created off the face allowed me to aggressively attack pins from short distances and stop the ball quickly.

I greatly enjoyed the feel and looks of the RTX 4. The black satin has a charcoal look to it with very little shimmer off the face in direct sunlight. The shaping has a classic look and should suit most player’s eyes at address.

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