Cleveland Smart Sole 3S Wedge

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Getting up and down from any lie is easier with Feel Balancing Technology and a wide, three-tiered sole to improve contact and consistency on every greenside shot. Your short game just got easier with the new Cleveland Smart Sole 3 S Wedge.

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Smart Sole 3 S

Super Game Improvement Wedge

If you’re like most golfers, you don’t have time to grind away at your short game mastery. Well now you don’t have to, with the Cleveland Smart Sole 3. The Smart Sole 3 S (Sand Wedge) is Cleveland’s most forgiving wedge with an extra wide, three-tiered sole. It also features Feel Balancing technology for better feel and improved consistency.

Three-Tiered Sole

Built for maximum forgiveness, the three-tiered sole has three distinct activation pads for better turf interaction and increased playability from all lies around the green.

Feel-Balancing Technology

By redistributing weight from the hosel towards the toe, we have moved the CG closer to the center of the clubface. This results in greater feel and tighter shot dispersion to get you closer to the hole.

Optimized Loft

Using 58 degrees of loft, we have optimized the club’s specifications to give you the ideal loft to hit bunker and other critical shots around the green close. You can now hit high, soft shots without the complexity of opening the face.


Gets out of the sand almost every time
I was a 30-40 percent out of the sand player - and most of the time, I had no control over where it would roll out to out of the sand - I was just happy to get out of the bunkers. The Smart Sole 3 S wedge gets me out of the sand about 90 percent of the time and it stays on the green without too much roll out. The confidence of knowing the club will help get the ball up and out makes playing out of the sand much more enjoyable. Get this club if you struggle with consistency out of the sand.
Sand wedge
Best flange & loft for the course I play
Cleveland wedges
Great clubs i purchased the sand wedge & chipper.
Cleveland Smart Sole 3S
Great addition for chips and bunker play. If you need a club to cut your strokes around the green, this is the tool for you. I highly recommend .
A good sand wedge for the average player.
I am an aging (70+) golfer who recently began to experience difficulty with sand saves. The problem was hitting either too far behind the ball or hitting it thin. I bought the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 S Wedge with the idea that it would be more forgiving. It has worked well. Because of the wide sole you can take a more square swing at the ball and I find that I can get out to within 10 feet of the hole on a pretty consistent basis. The down side is it does not have the finesse of a more conventional sand shot. For me, pretty good almost all the time is better than really good sometimes and really awful other times. If you are having problems with consistent sand saves, the Cleveland Smart Sole 3 S Wedge is worth a try.
Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedge
Exactly what I was looking for. Wedge has helped me out of some tight spots.
Cleveland wedge
Perfect wedge for fight lies within 100yards. High trajectory soft landing!
Great Sand Wedge
I never had a true sand wedge. I was using a 60 degree in the traps and not doing so well. Decided to get this wedge and could not be happier with the results. I dreaded hitting into traps. Now, with this club, a good swing and the ball pops out on to the green. Not worried about hitting into traps any more.
Cleveland 3.0 sand wedge
The wedge has proven to be a stroke saver around the greens.
Cleveland wedge
Good price, fast delivery
New cleveland s and c wedges
Delivery on time ...goods as ordered...thanks
Cleveland chipper and sand wedge
Cleveland chipper and sand wedge
Great Results
If you’re a high handicapper, please read on. Cleveland’s goal is to produce golf equipment that will benefit every level of golfer, from the touring professional to the weekend (or monthly) duffer. Their new Smart Sole 3 S wedge is aimed at players who struggle in the sand and around the green. The club features a three-tiered sole that improves turf interaction from all types of lies around the green, even for those with steeper swings. The 3 S utilizes Cleveland’s Feel Balance Technology, which effectively moves the center of gravity closer to the center of the clubface adding more forgiveness on full-length shots. Cleveland’s Smart Sole has three tiers and with good reason. The first tier is very similar in shape to any traditional wedge sole. When you’re hitting a square, full shot from the fairway that’s the part of the sole that will engage and it will play like a traditional wedge. The 2nd tier of the sole is designed to give you a little extra lift from the rough and help you get through the grass easier. The third and widest tier – and in fact the other two – engage when you play from the sand. The S wedge is 58° and with good reason. Since Joe Average may not be skilled enough to know to open the face from the sand, Cleveland has done it for him. The net result is that JAG can now take a fuller, more aggressive swing from the bunker. The company’s test show that these players were 50% more likely to get the ball out of the bunker, and 30% more likely to land the ball on the green with the Smart Sole 3 S wedge. The 3 S is not for golfers who want to attack pins out of the bunker or open the face for added loft. On its own, it does a great job of getting the ball up in the air and out of the sand and carries well on full shots. It’s virtually impossible to stub or chili-dip.

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