Cobra King F7 ONE Length Irons

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Cobra King F7 ONE Length Irons (4.80), Reviews (22)
One Length™. One swing. One consistent result. Cobra’s first ever single-length irons, the King F7 One Length, features new PWRSHELL™ Technology to bring simplicity in every swing.

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King F7 One Length Irons

Consistent Length, Consistent Trajectory

Tecflo™ Construction

Multiple construction technologies create the ultimate progressive set of irons designed to help you personalize your game and optimize performance throughout the set.


More distance. More forgiving. More precise. A thinner, stronger face and sole structure delivers Cobra’s largest Sweet Zone™ ever with high ball speeds and explosive distance.

One Length™ Set Makeup

Constant length irons have been re-engineered for 7-iron weighting, and are designed for consistent trajectory and distance gapping from long irons to wedges.

Progressive Spin Technology

V-Grooves on the 3-6 irons reduce spin, U-Grooves on the 7-PW optimize spin, and wedge-spaced grooves on the GW-SW produce extra spin for shots around the green.

Zone Weighting

Weight is strategically removed from the center of the clubhead and redistributed around the perimeter of the face and lower and further back.

Multi-Material T.O.P. Technology Cavity Construction

New aluminum medallion badge allows the CG to be moved lower to create more distance and forgiveness.

Centered CG

CG positioned lower and centered in the clubhead creates more precision without sacrificing forgiveness.

100% CNC Milled Face and Grooves

CNC milling improves groove structures to deliver maximum spin and trajectory control throughout the set.

Premium Chrome Plating

Nickel chrome plating provides better aesthetics and durability for great looking and longer lasting irons.


Standard Steel Shaft: True Temper King F7

Standard Graphite Shaft: Fujikura Pro 63i


Fantastic clubs with great service!!
Ordered my cobra irons and the were fantastic the day I’ve got them and they are still great now. Great service from golf discount. And I’m living in the Islands. So yes anyone can get what they need anywhere.
colbra clubs
Love these clubs. Like placing the ball in the same place every time. Highly recommend.
F7 one length.
Delivered as requested in a well packed cardboard box. I've played half a dozen times and improveing with each round. Cheers
Good deal
Solid clubs, great price, new unused, nice lampkin grips helped with my lack of consistency
These irons are illegal. These irons were smuggled into America. These irons must have been El Chapo's irons and I am a beneficiary of the estate sale. They are impossibly cheap. I am no fool, these beautiful Cobra F7 One Length beauties could not be the result of law abiding market forces!...Alas, my assumptions were unfounded. My new irons arrived at my door in pristine condition, and I ordered them in "very good" condition, so this was a fantastic surprise. Trust I should have. I will next time.
Cobra One Length Irons
one trip to the driving range to align myself. I love that I can keep the same posture for each club. 8 iron is now my 150 club. These are nice clubs. Have been able to hit a slight draw with these. Played 18 yesterday and I'm excited to get out and play again.Thanks Golf Discount best price around. I love em' Thought at first they might be "gimmick" clubs, but it makes sense. They are also heavier than my normal Cobra irons.
One length irons
Love them....more consistent long iron play!!!
COBRA MAX to King F7 one length
After serious shoulder surgery, I decided as I had to learn how to swing a club again that I would convert from Cobra Max clubs to F7 one length, needing to learn only one swing for all irons. Playing during months of continuing therapy I found it simpler, able to hit the clubs 5 through the gap wedge much more consistently. Everyday I play I improve, these clubs are great.
Cobra King F7 One Length Clubs
I've experienced a learning curb with the one length clubs. I usually have to say to myself (7 iron length shaft length) before setting up. Otherwise I'm to close to the higher lofted clubs (hit fat shots) and to far away from longer irons (hit thin shots). But, as time goes by (received clubs about a month ago) this is becoming easier to deal with. My only wish is I could get a four and three iron in this set as well. As far as hitting the clubs, I seem to have no trouble getting them up and airborne. The aggressive lofts give me additional yards compared to my older set but that's deceptive. Getting used to the additional yards took a couple rounds to adjust to but it's not really a problem. Overall, I'm very pleased with my purchase of the Cobra King F7 irons 5i thru GW.
Better Golf
I bought the Cobra F7'S because I believe that they would help my game and they did. I like my 7 iron best and since the One Length clubs are based on the 7 iron length it only makes sense to me that they would be game changers. I investigated them online before deciding. After two games I've dropped 8 strokes.
Cobra 7 one length irons
I really enjoy the feel and the look of the irons. With the 7tn, 8th, 9th, PW and Gap irons, I had no problems adjusting to the shaft length or ball flights. The 5th and 6th irons felt good but will need more rounds to dail them in. With a back injury years ago I lost my distance off the tee, I really rely on my approach shots. Overall I see an improvement in my ball striking and remain optimistic and feel that I can drop my scoring average.
King Cobra f7 irons ones
Had some small problems with set but Discount Golf did step up and make sure I was completely satisfied. Got a set of King Cobra F7 irons in place of the F7 one lengths and completely satisfied thank you Discount Golf
Cobra One Length, great set!
Pluses: easier to groove a swing, well made, good feel on solid contact! Negatives: none!
Cobra King F7 One Length
I always had the same ball position in my stance but had to choke down on the clubs to adjust for the different club lengths. Now I no longer have to choke down on full shots for any of the clubs which is giving me more distance out of each club. For me a senior golfer, these are great!
The service is fast ,
The service is fast , could not be any better
There is something to this single-length concept
Played my first round with the F7s. Nicely made and a great feel. Found they are a bit longer than my old clubs. Nearly every shot right-on-line. Looking forward to a great 2017.
Love the One Length Set!
Played my first round today with the One Length F7s. I was totally impressed with how natural they felt from my first gap wedge to my last 8 iron. Too wet for the range today so simply put them in the bag and went out to play. I am not totally sure whether it was just going to be a good day for me, or was the one length system but I was hitting the irons stiff all day. First swing was with a gap wedge to 6 feet and the last swing was an 8 iron to 12 feet. Lots of use in between in the 16 holes we were able to get in. Not a lot of use yet, but my first impression is what you might expect. The 7/8 irons are about consistent distance with a varied length set, while the 9, P and G wedges are maybe 3-4 yards longer and the 5-6 are maybe 3-4 yards shorter. I only had one chance to use the 5 iron and I had stuck my tee shot being a large bushy tree 170 frm the green. Touch lie in the rough. Hit the 5 iron and as you might expect its ball flight was very low due to the low loft and I was able to keep it under the tree easily. Used the 6 iron off a par 3 tee and that actually had plenty of height on it as the ball was teed up. I think it may have flown a couple 3 yards shorter than my normal 6 iron but it will take more rounds to figure that out. The amazing thing was that an oncenter strike felt exactly like a forged blade. That buttery compression feeling that you only get with good muscle back forged clubs. I haven't felt that since I went to game improvement clubs some 15 years ago. Try them you will be amazed.

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