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Created with the best materials and finest technologies the KING LTD Driver has been designed to deliver ultimate distance with forgiveness.

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Cobra KING LTD Driver

Take The Throne.

KING is back. Greg Norman is a two-time Major Champion, and was No.1 in the world for 331 consecutive weeks, a true legend of the sport. And KING COBRA was the backbone of Greg's success - the innovative technology that drove his play. Now KING returns, with another product that is worthy of the name. Rickie is the future. The energy, and excitement that injects performance and style into golf. Rickie is what’s next, and KING will be the power behind his success. The crown has been passed. Long live KING.

The KING LTD Driver represents COBRA’s finest technology without compromise. Created with premium materials and state-of-the-art technology, the KING LTD driver is Cobra’s Longest & Straightest driver they've ever created. KING LTD truly is The Ultimate Distance Machine.


A multi-purpose, 16g weight that strategically positions weight to create extremely low CG with high MOI - the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness. The SpacePort also works as a window to view the sophisticated internal COBRA technology.

Zero CG

Most Drivers in the marketplace today have a Center of Gravity that is positioned above the neutral axis line. KING LTD is Cobra's first driver to ever get it to the neutral line (Zero CG), and deliver a more efficient transfer of energy at impact without sacrificing forgiveness.

What does this mean to golfers? More distance through higher Launch, less spin and more Ball Speed.

Fit For Your Game

Equipped with Cobra's MyFly loft technology, easily adjust your ideal launch conditions with 8 different loft settings. The KING LTD offers both draw and neutral settings for optimum distance from the tee.

Space Is In It

Through Cobra’s partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS), they are able to conduct research on the International Space Station, allowing Cobra to create the most technologically advanced golf products in the world. From this research, COBRA's R&D team can tailor new material properties. Simply put... they make game changing technologies that will enhance the performance of all golfers.

Crown Fit for a King

Cobra made a lighter, stronger crown that reduces the weight so it can be redistributed to the correct areas of the club head. This delivers better mass properties, thus longer, straighter shots every time.

Faster and Lighter

TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber yields a lighter crown (20% lighter than regular Carbon Fiber) allowing for more weight to be repositioned. By lowering additional weight deeper in the club head, this design helps to deliver extreme distance and greater forgiveness.

Face Technology

Cobra pushed the boundaries of technological advancement to create a larger 'sweetzone' that spans across the entire face.

Speed Channel

Speed Channel is an exclusive COBRA innovation. An engineered trench around the perimeter of the face. This design minimizes thickness and increases ball speed across the face, resulting in incredible distance.

E9 Face Zoning

Cobra R&D technology removes weight from the face to deliver a larger, more effective Sweet Zone®. This increases ball speeds for longer and straighter drives - especially on off-center hits.

Forged 811 Titanium

The re-engineered Forged 8-1-1 Titanium E9 Face is a variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter creating more deflection for faster ball speeds and a larger Sweet Zone® across the face.



Like flying an F16
The other reviews are accurate in terms of how the ball flies off this thing. It took me a few rounds to get it under control because it felt like i was flying a fighter jet for the first time. I have reduced by swing speed and my ball is still going the same distance. Can't wait to go full throttle on this bad boy.
Cobra driver
I am getting 20 to 30 yards further on my drives great club!
great club very smooth and delivers what is promised
Cobra King LTD Driver
The phenomenal price was too good to pass up. Glad I made the purchase. Really launching the ball off the tee!
Good Driver
Very good driver it is hard to tell if you miss hit it very solid feel
Cobra King Ltd driver
Perfect for my relatively low swing speed. Big sweet spot. Consistent distance. Easy to hit straight or to work the ball.
Cobra F6 Irons
Great set of irons, I'm a 1/2 to a full club longer with these clubs, Cobra are making state of the art clubs. I also purchased a Cobra LTD driver and am absolutely killing my drives. I was hitting a Callaway Razr Hawk driver but with my new Cobra, I'm a good 15 to 20 yards longer. Could not be happier, can't go wrong with "King Cobras"!
Excellent driver. Very low spin.
Excellent driver. Very low spin.
Big Hits For Days
Love the feel of this King driver, very lightweight and I hit it a mile!

Expert Review

Cobra King LTD Driver Expert Review

Written By: Bob Gomavitz

Player Stats:
  • Age: 57
  • Handicap: 4.6
  • Years Playing Golf: 45
  • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


The Takeaway

The King LTD offers a Zero CG which is Cobra’s first driver that positions the CG on the neutral axis line. To do this Cobra installed a Spaceport in the bottom of the sole, which is a 16 gram weight that creates an extremely low and deep CG with a high MOI. The Forged E9 face that is 8-1-1 Forged Titanium face that has variable thickness structure that is lighter, thinner and hotter for faster ball speeds across the face. Add in the Speed Channel Technology which is an engineered trench around the perimeter of the face to minimize thickness. Next Cobra uses Carbon Fiber for the crown called TeXreme that is 20% lighter allowing for more weight to be re-positioned lower and deeper.

Who's It For?

The King LTD can be played by any type of player looking for the newest, hottest technology out there. Best of all, it is done without a lot of fussing around with weight adjustments.

Final Take

Right away I found the King LTD to be super muted in sound, and because of this it did not offer me a lot of feedback. However, since the majority of the drivers on the market have a definite higher pitch noise to them, some players have been looking for this type of sound and feeling. The head shape for this 460cc head is proportionate and the checkerboard Carbon Fiber crown is flat out stunning. By far one of my favorite crown designs to date! Once I had the MyFly settings dialed in I found the launch and spin to be excellent based on the ball flight that I was seeing.

Club Tested: King LTD Driver; Shaft: Aldila Rogue Black 60; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 9.5°

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