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Cobra Max Offset Driver

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Cobra Max Offset Driver (4.80), Reviews (27)
Cobra's longest, easiest to hit driver featuring designs that help to deliver easy high launch and easy straight ball flight.

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Cobra Max Offset Driver

Golf Just Got Easier

Featuring a large address, low profile 460cc head with a thin face and slight offset helps golfers with slower swing speeds play much more consistent golf.


Speed Channel Face - Speed Channel is an exclusive Cobra innovation. The engineered channel around the perimeter of the face minimizes thickness and increases ball speeds across the face for incredible distance.

Low CG Design - Delivers increased distance for slower swing speed players through higher launch trajectories, less spin and extreme forgiveness on all shots.

Large Address View Profile - "Easy to hit" club head shape helps create greater confidence at address, and delivers a low and deep CG that provides maximum forgiveness on off-center hits.

Forged E9 Zone Face Structure - A new, re-engineered Forged Titanium E9 Face is a variable thickness structure that is light, thin and hot, creating more defelction for faster ball speeds and a larger sweetzone across the face.

Offset Hosel Structure - Offset Design helps the golfer square the club face more easily at impact, and creates a higher, straighter, more draw-based ball flight for ultimate slice correction.

Straight Flight Internal Tech - A sleek and forgiving internal geometry design helps create a CG position that is low, deep and heel biased in the club head to deliver extreme forgivness and longer, straighter drives.


  • Grip: Lamkin R.E.L.
  • Shaft: Graphite - Matrix White Tie 55x4


This is the second Cobra
This is the second Cobra Max offset driver I have purchased. I really like them as they take the slice out of my drives and I hit the ball much straighter.
New King Cobra Driver
This place is so easy to work with and they know the products. Ordered it 5 days later it was at my doorstep all boxed up. I got to give this place 5 stars. Now I need to learn how to par more holes.
Great Prices And Service
I was wary of purchasing online from a newly discovered discount web site. Looking to outfit myself and a couple of family members, I made 3 purchases of mostly 2016 model clubs (all new). This site had the best prices, and provided prompt free shipment. A driver came without a head cover. One was shipped out immediately. No questions asked. Thanks Jordan.
Cobra offset driver is working great.
Fine service, great club
Corba Max 9.5 Offset Driver
Great value for price. Took a few outings to find a groove and get it going on the course. But now I hit it consistently 240 to 260 and not slicing the ball. Because of the offset you will hook dramatically if you get to quick with your swing. Over all, accomplished what I set out to when I purchased the club.
Straighter and further, and a good deal
The Cobra Max Driver with senior flex replaced my 2007 TaylorMade Burner driver. While I was hitting the Burner generally in a straight flight, there was no question I was losing yardage--I am now 71. I am back over the 200 yard marker (most of the time) but consistently further than the last 3 years or so. The only issue I have with the club is the Cobra grip. I played 2 games with it, hit 4 large buckets of balls at the range, and the club is getting a Golf Pride installed as I type this. The price, by the way, was more than fair. Free shipping doesn't hurt, either.
john H
just used it and backyard and looks promising.
Awesome driver. Highly recommended
Awesome driver. Highly recommended
Cobra Driver
Product exactly as described. Has done wonders for my drive😀 Fast delivery. Thank you
Max offset driver
I tend to not finish my swing and push the ball right. This club has helped me straighten my shot and has me thinking of finishing...not to mention the additional yards.
Cobra Max Offset Driver
I have a Callaway and a Ping driver and the Cobra out performs both of those, I am happy with my purchase
I can’t give you a
I can’t give you a review I had back surgery on July 10th and won’t be able to give you one until next spring
Cobra Max Driver
Great club easy to hit straight!!!
Cobra Max Driver is all good
I decided to update my old Cobra ti offset driver that was roughly 15 years old. Nothing wrong with it, hit it long and straight, but had a rather small club head. Had to be really precise with your swing. This Cobra Max driver with its almost double the size club head is much more forgiving and just as long and straight. I barely concern myself with my drives now...almost automatic down the middle shots. Love it when I'm pulling this club out of my bag. Confidence level is high!!
Cobra Max Offset Driver
Replaced my Cobra M Speed with this club.I hit the Cobra Max just as straight as I hit the M Speed (offset head is great), but about 15 yards further. Toe hits are a little more forgiving.
Cobra Max driver
A great driver for an older golfer!
In a word, AWESOME!! The
In a word, AWESOME!! The best driver I have ever played with. I'm a high handicap player and I can hit the ball well with my Titleist driver just not consistent, either a bad slice or hook. The Cobra Max driver gives me the confidence to stand on the tee box and expect to hit a long straight drive almost every time, sometimes with a nice draw, which I could never do before. I have the Cobra Max irons, (replacing my Ping Eye irons) and will never hit anything but them, they're great. Can't wait to get the Max fairway woods. Thanks Cobra for helping me to enjoy the game so much more.
i liked the service you
i liked the service you provided and am very happy with my purchase. Thanks
Cobra Driver
Fair Price,,, Received Product in timely manner. ( question why the club was sent from west coast and not some place local) Product was as advertised and received in excellent shape. Now all I have to do is make it work correctly.
golf irons
golf irons
Don B. 72 year old high handicapper. Long Island, NY
My previous driver was a stiff shafted driver, 10 degree loft . I bought the Cobra MAX, regular shaft, offset, 10.5 degree loft. I have gained about 12 yards in distance, but more importantly, I'm hitting more fairways, more consistantly. If you have a tendency to slice or push your tee shots, I recommend this club.
Love iT!
So glad I got this. Great price too!


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