Custom Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons

Custom Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons

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Callaway Paradym Ai Smoke Max Fast Irons

Sweeter From Every Spot

Gear up for a revolution in the world of iron performance with the Paradym Ai Smoke irons—a firestorm of innovation that's about to set your game ablaze. Packed with the most advanced iron face in Callaway's storied history, the Ai Smart Face isn't just a face; it's a technological marvel. Fueled by the real swing data of golfing maestros and the brilliance of advanced machine learning, this face orchestrates a symphony of sweet spots that'll have your shots singing with exceptional distance and a precision that's tighter than ever.

For those craving the need for speed, the Max Fast model is your rocket ship—an intelligently crafted piece for golfers wanting to optimize their swing speed and send their shots into orbit, reaching distances that'll make you feel like a golfing astronaut.

A Total Revolution in Iron Performance from the Industry-First Ai Smart Face™

Hold onto your golf hats because the industry is about to be shaken by the industry-first Ai Smart Face™. It's not just a face; it's a performance wizard fueled by pre-impact data from the swings of real golfing maestros. Brace yourself for shots that don't just fly; they ascend with a heavenly spin, catapulting you into the stratosphere of distance nirvana.

Balancing Distance, Control, and Precision Through AI Advancements

Step into the realm of balance, where distance, control, and precision harmonize through the enchantment of Ai Smart Face optimization. Traditionally, longer clubs meant more speed and distance, but at the cost of control. Callaway's innovative Ai process defies tradition, allowing golfers to experience the distance benefits of ¼” longer clubs in the mid and long irons while maintaining surgical precision and tight dispersion.

Modern Design Meets Cavity Back Construction

Enter the world of the Max Fast model—an intelligently designed marvel boasting deep cavity back construction. This proven design, coupled with precision tungsten weighting, creates a low, deep center of gravity that propels your shots into the stratosphere. Longer blade lengths, optimal sole, and topline widths fashion a confident, yet clean look at address that's guaranteed to turn heads.

Improved Turf Interaction from the Dynamic Sole Design

Experience a dance with the turf like never before, thanks to the all-new Dynamic Sole Design. The pre-worn leading edge with variable bounce slices through the turf with surgical precision. It's not just turf interaction; it's a golfing spectacle engineered to deliver crisp contact on every shot, embracing you with exceptional forgiveness that's nothing short of a golfing love affair.

Effortless Distance with the Max Fast Spec

The Max Fast version is your ticket to effortless distance—an engineered masterpiece designed to help golfers increase their swing speed and launch. Featuring more loft and lightweight components, including a feather-light 40g shaft, this model ensures an easy, high launch that'll leave you wondering why you haven't been playing with a rocket ship all along. Get ready for a golfing odyssey with the Max Fast Spec—where every swing feels like an effortless journey through the stars.


Lie Angle
Swing Weight (GR)
5 25° 61° 4.7mm 39" C9 RH
6 28° 61.75° 4.1mm 38.25" C9 RH
7 31° 62.5° 3.4mm 37.5" C9 RH
8 35° 63.25° 2.6mm 36.75" C9 RH
9 39° 64° 1.8mm 36" C9 RH
PW 44° 64.25° 1.5mm 35.75" C9 RH
AW 48° 64.5° 1.4mm 35.5" C9 RH
GW 52° 64.5° 1.3mm 35.5" C9 RH
SW 56° 64.5° 1.3mm 35.5" C9 RH

Shaft Model
Mitsubishi Tensei Blue/Silver 40g High/High Senior

Grip Model
Winn Dri-Tac 2.0 58 Round 44g
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