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Custom Clubs - Order Instructions

Since 1995, GolfDiscount.com has been your trusted destination on the web for all things golf. As an authorized retailer, we have the lowest prices on the newest equipment, including custom clubs.

One of the most important steps you can take to put yourself on the path to success in golf is purchasing properly fitting clubs. You can buy all the clubs in the world, but the clubs you’ll stick with are the ones that are custom built to your specification.

We're excited to announce the custom club buying process just got easier. Say goodbye to the days of only ordering custom clubs over the phone, you now have the option to place custom orders online!

At GolfDiscount.com, we understand purchasing custom clubs is a big commitment in both time and money. Therefore, we are proud to offer a 60-day playability guarantee on all custom club orders. If you are not completely satisfied with your custom clubs you may return them for full credit towards the purchase of equipment that suits you better. For more information and all restrictions, please visit our Hassle Free Returns page.

What you'll need to know:

Keep your eyes open for manufacturer demo days at your local range or courses. Take advantage of their free club fitting services. These are great opportunities to get your hands on a wide range of options and to ask qualified product specialists any questions you have about a specific club, shaft or overall setup.

Before placing a custom club order you'll need to know the following options (For the stock setting of a specific custom option select the (stock) shaft or grip option and "Standard" for all adjustment-based options). Use the following table and guide to determine your specs.

Shaft ModelShaft FlexLengthLieLoftGrip ModelGrip SizeExtra Wraps
Shaft ModelShaft FlexLengthLie
LoftGrip ModelGrip SizeExtra Wraps

Shaft Model: Perhaps the most important decision, shafts come with different weights, kick points, and flight characteristics. Pairing the right shaft with your new club(s) produces proper spin rate, trajectory and feel.

Shaft Flex: Shafts come in flexes for all swing speeds and strengths.

Length: Shafts come in longer than standard lengths or can be cut down to shorten their length. Find out if you need a longer or shorter shaft length.

Lie (irons only): Lie angle is important because too upright of a lie can lead to pulling shots (to the left for right handed players) and too flat of an angle can lead to pushing shots (to the right for right handed players).

Loft: For drivers, woods and hybrids this will be which degree head you want. For irons you can strengthen or weaken the loft of your irons to ensure proper yardage gapping.

Grip: Your only physical connection to the club is your hands to the grip. Determine which grip is right based on factors like how much your hands tend to sweat or how often you play in rain and wet conditions.

Grip Size: Grips come in sizes ranging from undersized to jumbo.

Extra Wraps: Let us know if you would like any extra wraps of grip tape under the grip.

How To Order Your Custom Set

Step 1:

When you've determined all your specifications and know what you would like to purchase, come back to GolfDiscount.com for the biggest selection of custom clubs and customizable options at the lowest prices.

If you know your specifications, check out our huge selection of clubs with custom options.

Step 2:

Navigate to the stock product page and look for the red button above the main product image that says, “Enter Custom Specs” and click it.

Step 3:

Next to the product image is a series of dropdowns and checkboxes. All fields are required. For the stock setting of an option, select "Standard".

Step 4:

Enter your specs. The stock shafts and grips will be listed at the top of their drop downs. Once you select a shaft, the Flex drop down will show you which flexes are available for that shaft.

Step 5:

Some shafts and grips have upcharges. Located to the right of the club specs entry form is a cost summary that shows any additional charges. All other adjustments are free of charge.

Step 6:

When you’ve entered in all your specs and are ready to place the order, simply click the “ADD TO CART” button.

Step 7:

Confirm the specs are correct in your cart and proceed to checkout or continue stocking up on all the best gear.

Step 8

That’s it! Your job is done and we get to work behind the scenes coordinating with the manufacturer to get your custom clubs on your doorstep as fast as possible.

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