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Golf Pride New Decade MCC Midsize Golf Grip

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Golf Pride New Decade MCC Midsize Golf Grip (5.00), Reviews (5)
The New Decade MultiCompound is the go-to grip for many golfers. It combines cord material with high-performance rubber for a traditional feel with a secure grip.

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New Decade MCC Midsize Grip

Grip Confidence

The New Decade® MultiCompound (MCC™) is an innovative hybrid grip that fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord for an exciting new look and feel. The MultiCompound boasts the Golf Pride® exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a soft rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness.


  • Outside Diameter: Midsize
  • Weight (+/- 3.5g): 59g
  • Core Size: 60 Round
  • Material: Exclusive BCT® Cord combined with High-Performance Rubber

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I enjoy Golf Pride grips
Golf Pride grips Mid-size the way to go
worth the money
Shot a 78 on coal creek first time out with grips. Mid-sized great to help grip clubs softly. Firm but comfortable and good in wet conditions.
New Decade Grips are Great
These grips are really great. I wanted a grip that gave me good feedback on ball striking and help to cope with moist envirnments (sweat and rain). The are not cheap but they are worth every penny.
Great grips.Recommended.
These are really comfortable grips.No problems when wet and all around feel good on the hands.
If they're good enough for Phil
After working at a golf retail store and installing all kinds of grips I found that for me these last the longest and feel most comfortable. I was always afraid that a corded grip would be tough on my hands but these have a softer cord which allows me to grip the club looser. And they work well in rainy weather.


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