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Green Keepers Survivor Tees

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Maximize distance with the scientifically proven Survivor Golf Tees.

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Survivor Tees

Spin and Distance.

Survivor Performance Golf Tee was tested by the Golf Testing Laboratories, Inc. in San Diego, CA. Robotized swing testing is the standard used in new product testing by the USGA. The normalized results show the Survivor Performance Golf Tee has the lowest ball spin rate by an average of 7% resulting in the highest ball speed, total rollout, and distance among all tees tested.


  • Center Prong Technology with external balancing prongs provide the lowest friction between the golf ball and golf tee
  • Height gauge for consistent tee depth
  • Polymer construction allows for over 100 hits

Available in two sizes:

  • 2.75 inch "Standard Tee" is the ideal choice for most drivers and driving woods
  • 3.25 inch "Driver Tee" provides the right launch angle for large headed drivers



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