Lamkin Crossline Grip

Lamkin Crossline Grip

A best-seller and Tour favorite for more than 15 years, Crossline delivers unequaled durability, exceptional surface traction and maximum torsion control.
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Crossline Grips


A true classic, Lamkin's top-selling grip for woods and irons offers a recognizable surface pattern and unmistakable performance. Ideal for players looking for a firm, high-traction grip that delivers excellent torsion control and wet weather performance.


  • Distinctive, densely-spaced surface pattern
  • Made from a remarkably durable synthetic rubber compound
  • Firmer feeling material
  • Offered in a wide variety of customization options


  • Exclusive texture provides incredible lateral traction for enhanced golf grip stability
  • Exceptional torsion control ensures greater shot control and consistency
  • Long-lasting material provides a consistent golf grip feel round after round


  • Undersize: Core Size - 0.58 Round; Weight - 43 Grams
  • Standard: Core Size - 0.58 Round; Weight - 50 Grams
  • Standard: Core Size - 0.58 Ribbed; Weight - 50 Grams
  • Standard: Core Size - 0.60 Round; Weight - 48 Grams
  • Midsize (+1/16"): Core Size - 0.58 Round; Weight - 62 Grams
  • Oversize (+1/8"): Core Size - 0.58 Round; Weight - 78 Grams

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