Martini Golf Tees Midsize Tees

Martini Golf Tees Midsize Tees

Believe it! The Midsize Martini Golf Tees are sure to give golfers longer, straighter drives.
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Midsize Martini Golf Tees

Shaken. Not Stirred.

The Martini Tee's large, oversize cup allows you to tilt the ball towards the hole as much as 20 percent and can provide longer, straighter drives with longer roll than old fashioned wooden tees.


  • 5 Original Martini Golf Tees
  • 2.75 inches in length
  • Unique design and material make these tees vertually unbreakable
  • Tees comform with USGA rules
  • Made in the USA
The Martini that actually improves your driving--
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