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Nike Engage Square Sole Wedge Zoom

Nike Engage Square Sole Wedge

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Nike Engage Square Sole Wedge (4.30), Reviews (3)
Experience predictable precision from every lie with the Nike Engage Square Sole wedge.

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Engage Square Sole Wedge

Modern Muscle

The Square Sole Engage wedge by Nike is designed primarily to be played with a squared up club face. This wedge grind features moderate heel refief in the 50/60 and Tiger-inspired leading edge bevel in 54/46 to provide added versatility.


  • Modern Muscle geometry centralizes the center of gravity to promote consistent turf interaction in all conditions.
  • Hosel has been shortened by a quarter inch which allows the weight to be more in-line with the center of the face, resulting in maximum stability.
  • Grittier Tour Garnet Blast face is 400% rougher to deliver more spin on less than full shots. Aggressive machined X3X grooves deliver maximum USGA-legal spin on full shots.
  • Tour-authentic, un-chromed raw finish cuts glare and increases surface roughness to improve control. Engage wedges will rust over time, further increasing surface roughness.



Nike Sqaure edge 60 degree
Great club at a great price


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