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The Nike Vapor Pro Irons feature modern muscle technology, progressive trajectory, as well as forgiveness and workability.

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Vapor Pro Irons

Modern Muscle. Pure Precision.

Building a better iron starts with listening to the voice of the athlete. When studying Tiger's blades, Nike’s Golf Development team noticed that the wear pattern was directly on the center of the club face, not trending towards the heel where the bulk of the club's weight is carried and where he could achieve a more efficient strike.

”We had this idea, if we moved the CG towards the center of the face that it would have more impact and more mass right behind the golf ball. And it worked. I was able to hit the ball a little bit further, it came off more solid, and the amazing thing is the ball flew better."
– Tiger Woods

Working with Tiger to find a solution, the craftsmen at Nike started drilling holes towards the toe of his irons and filling it with a weighted tungsten plug; an approach that changed the club's CG, offering the purest hit possible and giving birth to what would eventually become Modern Muscle technology. Modern Muscle technology achieves the same adjustment in CG, but does so through geometry instead of a tungsten plug. This updated design method pushes weight to the toe of the club, shifting the center of gravity to the middle of the club face. The face-centered CG is right where it needs to be for optimum performance, precision, stability and ball speed.

Key Technology

  • Modern Muscle geometry balances the CG in the center of the face for maximum ball speed, the highest stability and the purest feel.
  • Straight leading edges, thin toplines and minimal offset offer the ultimate in alignment and hot-shaping workability.
  • Forward weighted for a powerful, piercing trajectory.
  • Narrow sole widths for crisp sole/turf interaction and maximum versatility.
  • Machine milled X3X grooves for enhanced spin control and shot-to-shot consistency.
  • One-piece forged 1025 carbon steel for unfiltered feedback.
  • Modernized profiles with longer blade lengths and lower face heights.
Standard Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold
Standard Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet


Great set of irons for
Great set of irons for a great price
Modern Muscle for the Score!
From the first time I heard about these new blades I looked forward to hitting them and comparing them to what I played. Being a former college player and current scratch player I am always looking for those slight improvements to improve my game. I currently play VR pro blades and was looking to upgrade. The Vapor Pro blade is the new benchmark of a modern blade, clean but filled with technology to make it that one step better. My first impressions of the club always have been the looks and boy this has a clean simple look to it. The Vapor pro has a very similar look to the VR pro blade I currently play. After getting a few balls under my belt I can tell that this is a keeper. For being a blade there is plenty of forgiveness that gives even the better player and new edge to work with. Unlike the Vapor Pro Combo the ball flight is piercing and powerful. There is plenty of control with these irons being a blade. These are not for everyone, but for those low handicappers looking for a ne

Expert Review

Nike Vapor Pro Irons Expert Review

Written By: Bob Gomavitz

Player Stats:
  • Age: 57
  • Handicap: 4.6
  • Years Playing Golf: 45
  • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


The Takeaway

The actual CG on most muscle back irons is slightly towards the heel due to the overall weight of the hosel. This causes slight mishits on strikes in the center of the clubface, so Nike created a head design that they call Modern Muscle. You can see a defined weight difference from heel to toe looking at the Vapor Pro. The added mass in the toe area moves the CG back to the center of the face, providing more stability on the toe side.

Who's It For?

Players irons are for touring and club pros, skilled amateurs and traditionalists. While they offer the greatest feel and maneuverability, with a smaller sweet spot than game improvement irons they are also the toughest to hit consistently.

Final Take

The one piece 1025 Carbon Steel construction provides excellent feel and feedback. The head size is slightly taller and longer than most blades on the market, but most players will be hard pressed to notice. I saw excellent dispersion and a tour-like trajectory, though the distance was not quite at the same level as some of the other players irons I tested.

Club Tested: 6-Iron; Shaft: KBS Tour; Loft: 31°

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