Ping Anser Milled Series Anser 1 Putter

Ping Anser Milled Series Anser 1 Putter

The Anser 1 Putter if fit for players with a slight arc putting stroke.
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Anser Series Milled Anser 1 Putters

Fit For Stroke.

Precision-milled from forged, 303 stainless steel, Anser Milled putters feature slight variations to the top lines, heel-toe length and toe radius to suit more style preferences. Subtle milling lines on the heel and toe ballasts prevent glare, and the Ansers’ elegant satin nickel finish is optically appealing.

With the Anser Milled Series, PING introduces Fit For Stroke and seven new models to suit more putting strokes and aesthetic preferences. By offering different hosel configurations, engineers made every Anser to fit a particular putting path. Golfers swing the putter on one of three paths; straight, slight arc or strong arc. So there's at least one Anser putter model to suit each path and help build a repeatable, dependable stroke that will lead to fewer putts.

The seven models feature various hosel designs that determine each putter’s balance.

    Anser 5 is built for straight strokes
    Anser, Anser 1, Anser 2 and Anser 3 are balanced for slight arcs
    Anser 4 and Anser 6 are fit players with a strong arc.

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