Ping Cadence TR Craz-E-R Putter

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Ping Cadence TR Craz-E-R Putter (4.70), Reviews (3)
A family of putters engineered in response to PING’s research proving that stroke tempo is a key to consistency, which is the #1 factor in holing more putts.

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Cadence TR Craz-E-R Putter

Fit For Any Stroke.

Introducing the new Cadence TR Craz-E-R Putter, redesigned for 2015 to be even crazier! The body is made with 17-4 stainless steel with a black PVD finish and is manufactured with either a 350 gram precision-milled aluminum insert (traditional), or a 383 gram 17-4 stainless steel insert (heavy).


Milled Variable Depth/Width Grooves

Grooves on the Craz-E-R Putter are deeper in the center, and shallower toward perimeter for consistent, predictable ball speeds and distance control for more holed putts. They also vary in width to achieve a more-responsive face with feel and responsiveness similar to a traditional non-grooved face.

Two Weight Options

Golfers can choose a standard-weight model with an aluminum insert or a heavyweight model with a steel insert to match their stroke tempo and improve their consistency.

Continuous, Floating Sightline

Sightline extends from top of face to back for easy alignment and more confidence.

Adjustable Length Model Available

An adjustable, telescoping shaft option allows golfers to modify the length of the putter to anywhere between 31” and 38” in order to achieve an accurate fit prior to each round.


Ping Cadence TR putter
Well balanced putter, and easy to line up. Very easy to get the ball on line.
Everything you want in a
Everything you want in a putter


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