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Ping Cadence TR Rustler Putter

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Ping Cadence TR Rustler Putter (5.00), Reviews (3)
A family of putters engineered in response to PING’s research proving that stroke tempo is a key to consistency, which is the #1 factor in holing more putts.

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Ping Cadence TR Rustler Putter | RH | 34 inch | Rustler | Traditional 1
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Cadence TR Putter

Engineered Consistency

A family of putters engineered in response to PING’s research proving that stroke tempo is a key to consistency, which is the #1 factor in holing more putts. Cadence models are offered in traditional and heavy options, allowing golfers to be fit for their stroke tempo to improve their consistency and accuracy from any distance. Traditional models have a blue grip and blue aluminum face insert. Heavy models have a black grip and a black steel insert. (The Anser 2 CB counter-balanced is available only in a 400g head.) Offered in various head shapes across all stroke types, Cadence TR putters benefit from the next generation of true-roll technology: grooves vary in width and depth for exceptional distance control.

Key Features

  • Weight options: traditional (blue grip and blue aluminum insert) and heavy (black grip and black steel insert). Roughly 25g difference between them, depending on model. .
  • True-roll grooves vary in depth and width, providing consistent ball speeds and distances.
  • Response and feel similar to a traditional steel face.
  • Models to fit any stroke type in various head shapes:
    • Straight stroke: B65 (blade); Tomcat C (mid-mallet)
    • Slight arc: Anser 2 (blade), Anser w (blade), Rustler (mallet), Ketsch (mallet), Anser 2 CB (counter-balanced)
    • Strong arc: Shea H (mid-mallet)
  • Ketsch traditional and heavy models are distinguished by the weight of their sole plates (355g and 388g). Their TR grooves are precision-milled directly into the face.


excellent putter for a not so excellent golfer-putter
Love this putter. Need to put a thicker grip on it (my preference), but have been playing it with standard grip. Love having the line on the put and the extra weight gives me a steady swing. I need to be careful with distance since it contacts square and will send the ball hard if not careful. Most of my puts start out about 20 fee from the hole so it gets me nice and close for the second putt. I rarely three putt.
Cadence Ping Putter
Fantastic service. Bought the putter and it was delivered to my doorstep within 6 days. From the USA to New Zealand. Tracking service was also really helpful . The price including shipping was over $150.00 cheaper than I could purchase here. Would highly recommend and will be buying other golf equipment again. Again thank you for your customer service during this transaction.
Love this putter. The Ping Cadence TR Rustler putter is solid. The most important thing for me is when you grip and place behind the ball, it sits square to the hole. So many putter seem to twist one way or the other. This causes me to fight the line. Not with this putter.


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