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Ping G25 Driver Zoom

Ping G25 Driver

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The G25 driver hosel design is optimized by using a lightweight titanium screw and aluminum hosel sleeve.

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G25 Driver

Boom It

Performance-Engineered Adjustable Hosel
The G25 driver hosel design is optimized by using a lightweight titanium screw and aluminum hosel sleeve. The design maintains the same outer diameter and mass as PING’s traditional fixed hosels. This provides the benefits of adjustability (±1/2°) without sacrificing the performance that’s often lost in clubs with larger, bulkier hosel designs.

Deeper Profile, High MOI
A deeper profile than the G20 (.140” deeper) helps position the CG lower and farther back than any PING driver to date. It is PING’s largest-profile, most forgiving, highest-launching driver available.

Ultra-Thin-Crown Technology
Thinner crown sections in the Ti 8-1-1 head allow weight re-distribution to further optimize the CG position. Structural reinforcements in the crown, sole and skirt ensure durability and provide a solid feel and sound.

Larger, Variable-Thickness Face
With a larger face than the G20, the G25 offers greater forgiveness across the entire face. The variable-thickness face delivers a powerful energy transfer for faster ball speeds and greater distances.

  • Trajectory Tuning Technology: Adjust loft ±1/2 degree
  • Added distance from high launch, low spin
  • Center of gravity position low and back
  • 460cc Ti 8-1-1 head
  • Variable-thickness face design
  • Charcoal, non-glare matte finish
  • Length: 45.75"
  • Lie: 58.00°
  • Head Weight: 205g
  • Head Size: 460cc


G25 Driver
Order the driver a couple of months ago when I got it the driver was in excellent condition and brand new, the best driver I ever had pick up extra 10 yards and 75% in the fairway.
Just a great club
I couldn’t be happier. Got it for a great price and the ball flys long and straight
Happy in Canada
Old tech, but very nice!
ping g25 driver
it's not bad at all, I'm hitting it straighter but I gave up some distance..
Ping G25
Sorry guys. It was a late fall purchase so I haven't got it out on the course.
Ping G25
Bought this brand new. Came with head cover and adjustment tool. Same price as the used club without cover and tool from another vendor.
Awesome Driver
Grest club pretty long aND it's very forgiving. Shaft is good but maybe go up 1 from a stiff to tour stiff
Ping G25
I am very pleased with this purchase. This club has helped me improve my game and hit more fairways.
Incredible job by Ping!
The G25 is a true winner. Coming from what I would call a odd shaped ping driver in the G20, the G25 hits it out of the park. The matte black finish on the head with Ping's what almost seems like a traditional alignment mark makes this driver stand out from a crowd. The shape is big, but not to big where is feels like a brick, the club is really quite light. On the course is where the G25 shines. The weighting in the bottom of the club creates a trajectory which makes the ball go up and stay up. Not only that but there is a great feel that goes along with the club and its not just for good hits. When you hit a bad shot you know it, but the feeling is not harsh. Distance wise, I would call this the longest Ping driver to date. I was getting 15 yards extra with the club plus the new trajectory. Great Job by Ping!


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