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With the huge success of the the G25 Hybrid, the new G30 makes “great” even better with a larger heel and toe mass that increases the club’s MOI for more forgiveness

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PING G30 Hybrid

The Best. Made even Better.

Right on the edge of their several year release schedule, PING is building upon their exceptional G25 Hybrid with their new, sheer performance powerhouse G30 Hybrid that further showcases PING’s commitment to quality and optimal design. Since the G25’s release in late 2012, PING engineers have been coordinating with developers, compiling substantial data from PING consumer input and testing, testing, testing via PING Man, PING Golf’s mechanical swing robot first developed in 1976 and adeptly perfect at emulating normal human swing conditions along with crazy 150+ mph swing swing speeds --- to arrive at the next generation G-series 30.

With the huge success of the the G25 Hybrid, the new G30 makes “great” even better with a larger heel and toe mass that increases the club’s MOI for more forgiveness. The G30 Hybrid is designed also with a flatter, more square appearance at address, top rail for added control and confidence. PING then updated the 17-4 stainless steel face with an H900 heat treat process for added hardness and strength along with greater face deflection yielding more ball speed and added distances. Progressive CG positioning, more forward in higher lofts and farther back in lower lofts, optimizes trajectories across all the G30 Hybrids. Progressive hosel positions give the G30 Hybrid higher launch in low-lofted hybrids with more penetrating trajectories in the the higher lofted G30 Hybrid heads.

Standardly equipped with PING’s TFC 419H shaft that features a high balance point allowing for the G30’s heavier head, the shaft increases MOI for more distance and will have you swinging stronger and straighter than ever. Other Tour shaft options offer lower trajectory with added control.

Based on the best of the best PING has to offer. Built on the best of the best PING has developed through the years. And engineered with every aspect of aerodynamics, center of gravity, inertia, and weight positioning optimally designed to improve your game --- the new PING G30 Hybrid is yet another magnificent milestone in Mr. Solheim and company’s precise and exacting manufacturing history of making the best equipment that can be made for people to play, the very best they can, the hardest game in the world.

  • Available: 2H (17°), 3H (19°), 4H (22°), 5H (26°), 6H (30°)
  • Materials: 17-4 stainless steel body, 17-4 stainless steel face
  • Standard Shaft: TFC 419H


I practiced with it then
I practiced with it then used it on the course. I love the feel instead of a low iron. I could not believe the forgiveness of a mis hit and the distance and travel great buy very happy with the purchase and price.
Perfect just I expected from
Perfect just I expected from golf Discount
Great hybrid
Took this club out last weekend and was amazed. I had tried hybrids before but just could not them. This one just set up to my eye and the first swing i nailed it. It swings reall smooth. Probably will go back and get the four hybrid next
Great hybrid
Club hits really well and looks great!
Ping G30 3 Hybrid
Easy to hit from all kinds of lies. Club is well balanced and feels good at address.
Great clubs....
Great clubs....
Ping Driver, 5 wood, 4 hybrid
Excellent prices and customer service.
great club
The Ping 3 hybrid is a great replacement for a hard to hit fairway wood.
Ping Hybrid - A Big Hit
Both the Ping Hybrid and Golf Discount deserve a very favourable review. As usual, Golf Discount shipped the hybrid without delay and ensured that it arrived in pristine condition and on schedule. For the golf clubs part it has performed as expected, solid off the ground or the tee and long and straight. It is easy to hit and the flight and distance are consistent.
Easy club to hit
It is easy to hit , good feel ,nice height , wish I had it last year
Ping G30 Hybrid 4 22
Exactly the hybrid I was looking for. Yes...
Ping G30 Hybrids V Ping ISI irons
I like both sets of Ping clubs, G 30 Hybs and the ISI irons, however when I mishit the ISI, I get the traditional Duffer Shot, when I mishit the G30 Hybrid, the worst thing that happens is the ball continues to roll forward with some significant improvement over a Duffer shot and Toward the hole. So even a poor G30 Hybrid shot is moving you closer to the hole. The solid shots are just a joy to experience. Service with Golf Discount was excellent. It is important to understand their shipping process to have a real expectation of when to expect arrival your order. I have ordered 3 items from them and have been pleased.
my new ping G30 Hybrid
They sent my new Ping G30 Hybrid received it within 24 hours, what service, They got it all together, Very pleased.
Good club and price
Ping G30 Hybrids
I purchased the four and five hybrids. They are a lot easier to hit than the four and five iron and seem to go farther. They arrived before expected. One of the best purchases I've ever made.
Ping G 30 hybrid
Great addition to my bag enjoyed immensely
Ping Utility 3 wood
I haven’t used it yet
great club
very low spin
Ping G30 4 Hybrid
Love it, just as I love all my G30 clubs
Excellent club
Excellent club
Thanks for great prices and good clubs
Best price best service thanks
Everything went perfectly thanks
Everything went perfectly thanks
great service and clubs! 10 stars!!
G30 Ping
Great service and price
Awesome hybrid
Great club! Sets up very nicely with good lines and looks great at address. Love the black finish. Feels very good with solid contact and even mishits go about 80%. Love this hybrid.
What a club!!
The golf ball jumps off this club like no other club I've owned! Buy it you'll love it!!
Ping hybrid
22 degree hybrid was just what I was looking for. Needed a club for in between distances. Great purchase and prompt delivery.
Ping Hybrid booms the ball
I had previously purchased the Ping G-30 Hybrid 22* to replace my 4 iron. It worked great so I bought the 17* to replace 3 iron and 5 wood. It works great too. I also own the Ping G-30 driver which I also love.
Ping G30 4 Hybrid
Solid and fogiving club.

Expert Review

Ping G30 Hybrid Expert Review

Written By: Bob Gomavitz

Player Stats:
  • Age: 57
  • Handicap: 4.6
  • Years Playing Golf: 45
  • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


The Takeaway

Like the driver and fairway versions, the Ping G30 Hybrid is again a very simple, yet effective club. The one difference is this time the hybrid does not have the Turbulators on the crown. The G30 has progressive CG locations and offsets to ensure trajectories and gapping, which is very important with your hybrids. The G30’s sole is flatter than I tend to see when compared with the other OEM’s offerings. Another noticeable difference is a lower profile head. This simple clean head sits very well at address, and looks easy to hit; neither too large, nor too small.

Who's It For?

Ping does about as good as job as anyone at making clubs that can fit a large range of players, and the G30 Hybrid is yet another example.

Final Take

Though it did not feature that wicked, cracking noise like the driver did, it did provide me with a solid feeling that I liked. The ball flight was a touch high for the 22 degree head that I tested, but the spin was controlled enough to not cause any ballooning. The G30 hybrid is another excellent club by Ping that will be liked by many.

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