Ping G30 Irons

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Ping G30 Irons (4.78), Reviews (51)
The new G30 Irons from PING come loaded with performance enhancing features that are designed to increase distance, accuracy, feel, and playability

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G30 Irons

Enhanced Everything

The new G30 Irons from PING come loaded with performance enhancing features that are designed to increase distance, accuracy, feel, and playability. With years of research and development finally ready for live play, the G30 is a better sounding, better feeling, and better overall performance iron.

New progressive lengths throughout the set, combined with stronger lofts in all irons, combine to fully maximize distance without sacrificing proper gapping or control. PING's patented undercut cavity and lowers the center of gravity in the iron for improved launch and increased forgiveness for higher and straighter shots. The G30's enhanced sole design and elastomer cavity badge improve turn interaction, ensures consistent trajectories and distance control, while also providing face support for pure, solid feel.


  • Increased distance from progressive lengths and lofts
  • Lowered CG for improved launch, increased forgiveness
  • Expanded perimeter weighting and increased MOI, higher launch
  • Face support for more consistent distance control, more solid feel
  • Improved turf interaction, ensuring consistent trajectories
  • Enhanced sound and feel

  • Ping Color Code

  • Black Dot: Standard Lie
  • Blue Dot: .75° Upright Lie
  • Yellow Dot: 1.5° Upright Lie
  • Green Dot: 2.25° Upright Lie
  • White Dot: 3° Upright Lie
  • Red Dot: .75° Flat Lie

  • Specifications



    Ping G30 Irons
    I've enjoyed playing with my new clubs and they are much more forgiving than my previous set of irons.
    Awesome equipment
    Great purchase, fast service!
    Ping G30 Irons
    I received my irons quick and love them. I had to change my equipment due to age and injuries. GolfDiscount worked with me and find the right set for me. The graphite shafts made a big difference. Thank you.
    Great Ping product and customer service.
    Recently bought new Ping G30 irons, driver, 3wood, and 22* hybrid. Clubs are great and really happy to upgrade. GolfDiscount was great as well. Very friendly and helpful customer service throughout the purchase. The loft tool was forgotten with the initial delivery but after a phone call it was delivered in a couple days. Thanks GolfDiscount.
    Great service
    Everything from ordering to delivery was perfect. 👍
    Mitch Veal
    I just turned 46 and with these irons I'm hitting them like I was 30!! Amazing how much distance I have back. Thank you Ping!! I've been playing with Ping irons for over 25 years!!
    Excellent clubs and price.
    Ping g30's are excellent and easy to hit Good distance and easy to get up in the air. And a great price for graphite.
    ping g30
    tried a friends g30's and liked what i felt with the clubs. So i needed to get my own set, I have liked them the moment I swung them for the first time. clubs are easy to swing and forgiving.
    Ping G30 irons. Why did I wait so long
    Took a couple of rounds, but have really changed my game for the better. Sorry I waited so long to buy.
    very nice
    very nice
    Great Shopping Experience
    Ordered Golf Clubs on a Friday received them on a Monday! Easy to contact by phone and great customer service! TWO THUMBS UP!!
    Super deal fast delivery
    Great guys to deal with, profesional, and lots of knolodge, and prices are unbetable
    I had good service!!
    I had good service!!
    g30 irons
    just an awesome purchase, clubs were hear in two days, perfect all the way...
    G30 irons
    All was good love the irons
    Ping 30 irons
    Best investment I have ever made.
    Ping G30
    I really like my Ping G30 clubs. Like any new clubs it takes a little time to get a feel for them but from what I have seen so far I am very happy with them. It did take about a month to get them which was a drag but Golf Discount did tell me that when I purchased them. They were very easy to work with through the whole process. I would order from them again.
    Ping G30 Iron set -- Great Clubs & Price
    Better than all other Iron sets I previously owned. They sound, feel and perform GREAT!
    Ping Irons
    This was my first set of new irons. My previous set was 20 years old. What a difference the new technology makes! They go straight and land softly. What's not to like?
    In love
    In love
    Ping G30 Irons
    LOVE 'em!! Very forgiving irons. Never shot better. The grips are outstanding!!!
    Ping G30
    Ping G30
    ping g30 irons
    good the shippings...tks
    Ping G30 Graphite Golf Clubs
    The Ping G30 golf clubs arrived on time from Golf I'm happy with my purchase from Golf Discount and recommend their cut'rate and knowledgeable service for all golf club purchases.
    Ping downunder
    I've played with the G30's or hit shots into the net everyday so far and am enjoying them very much. I thought from reviews I'd read that they might have felt a little light but that's not the case at all. Weight is good and balance even better. I haven't used a Driver much in my golfing life (I'm 67 returning to golf after 30 years) but straight off I'm getting 220 metres from it - where was this club in my youth? I'm also very happy with Golf Discount - prompt friendly service except the ordering process for other than standard orders (ie over the phone) is maybe due to be updated. I'm not looking forward to getting my next 'phone bill.. I did enjoy opening the box and seeing head covers included. Only one little thing, and I mean very little - the little number 5 on my 5 fairway was missing from the cover and not in the box. Small thing I know but would you mind slipping one in an envelope and sending it over please. All in all a very pleasant experience, thank you Regards Ken M
    Ping g30
    Very nice , thank you
    Ping g30 golf clubs
    Great service great product
    New clubs
    I play a lot of golf and believe in practice not fancy equipment to improve your game. That being said you need good equipment if you are serious about the game. I bought a set of Ping I-2 irons back in the day and have been a Ping guy ever since. When I got too old for the stiff shaft I-2's I bought a G-5 set maybe ten or 12 years ago. Been thinking about a new set for about a year and when my 6 iron shaft broke I pulled the trigger. Got fiberglass shafted G-30's, It is still cold in Ohio and have not played a lot with them, but so far I am well pleased. Only disappointment was that the heads and shafts were made out of country. At one time this stuff was done in the US. Perhaps the upscale Pings are still made here.
    Great Service and Friend staff
    This is the first time using golf Very easy to use and my order was filled perfectly. I used the live chat, which was very help with my order. Prices were excellent. I would definitely recommend discount golf for anyone look to purchase golf equipment.
    Ping G30 Irons
    Hurt my shoulder so I decided to replace by Ping G2 steel stiff shaft irons and purchase a set Ping G30 Graphite Regular shaft Irons to absorb the shock...they are great!! The experience with GolfDiscout was easy peasy and the clubs were on sale...Merry Christmas to me!!!

    Expert Review

    Ping G30 Irons Expert Review

    Written By: Bob Gomavitz

    Player Stats:
    • Age: 57
    • Handicap: 4.6
    • Years Playing Golf: 45
    • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


    The Takeaway

    The Ping G30 uses progressive lengths for the 4 thru 6 iron which have slightly longer increments than the ½” increments of the 7 thru PW. The progressive lengths produce a higher MOI and a slightly higher ball flight for distance, which is most noticeable on the 4 thru 7 irons. The G30 also incorporates progressive lofts, as well. The Custom Tuning Port (CTP) offers a low-back CG, enhancing the length and loft features, supporting the thin face, and creating faster ball speeds. The wider sole offers leading and trailing edge relief for better turf interaction.

    Who's It For?

    I would have said in the past that Game Improvement irons are more for 18+ handicappers. Purists most likely will still walk by this section in the stores, but so be it. Now, pretty much any type of player can play this class of Game Improvement irons without hesitation, and there is one main reason. What held back the better players in previous years from using this class of iron was the hot spots, or jumpers as they’re called, which creates inconsistent distances from the same club number. The OEM’s have done a fabulous job correcting this issue with better technology in head and groove design.

    Final Take

    The G30 Iron is one of the last heads that does not incorporate a ferrule above the hosel. This will give players the look of old school Ping irons. The G30 head shape is taking on more of the modern head shape, but without the ferrule and a slightly lower profile. The dark finish is also a welcome change from the polished or satin heads I more commonly see today. Like the other two Ping irons that I tested, I find there is something about that Ping feel that stands out to me. Based on the low profile my ball flight was not as high as I would have thought. Distance-wise the G30 was consistently long. The Stock CFS shaft is lighter than some high end offerings, but balances well with this head for a excellent overall feel while swinging this club. Great feel, exceptional forgiveness, and a tight ball flight were the main takeaways from test the G30 irons. What I am finding with these Ping Irons is that you just need to find the model that suits your game the best, and go for it!

    Club Tested: 7-Iron; Shaft: CFS Distance; Loft: 30.5°

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