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Ping's innovative hands down approach in creating the Glide wedges gives players a custom-engineered wedge that delivers greater consistency and shot-making versatility.

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Glide Wedge

Ping's innovative approach to the Glide wedges includes custom-engineering them from the hands down to ensure the grip, shaft and head perform as a system for greater consistency and shot-making versatility. The proprietary Dylawedge grip is longer with softer tapering, allowing the player to grip down for better control. The CFS wedge shaft helps provide trajectory control. Heads are available in three grind configurations and 13 loft/sole options, with loft-optimized Gorge grooves to achieve the ideal trajectory and spin on approach shots of any length.

Key features:

  • 431 steel softens the feel; chrome plating dramatically improves consistency in wet conditions
  • Loft-optimized Gorge Grooves: a 16º sidewall with a more gradual radius in lofts 47º to 54º optimizes results on full shots. In lofts 56º to 60º, a 24º sidewall with a tighter radius maximizes spin on shorter shots
  • Dylawedge grip: +3/4" longer with softer tapering, allowing player to grip down for trajectory control
  • Grip-down indicators at 1 3/8" intervals for control and versatility in shot making
  • CFS wedge shaft: one flex (120g), lowers launch for greater control, feel, and stability
  • 3 sole grinds: Wide Sole (WS), Standard Sole (SS), and Thin Sole (TS)
  • 13 loft and sole combinations: 47SS, 50SS, 52SS, 54SS, 54WS, 56SS, 56WS, 58TS, 58SS, 58WS, 60TS, 60SS, 60WS
  • Bounce configurations optimized for spin consistency and versatility
  • Thinner, tapered hosel goes through sand better


Nice club.
Nice club.
recien tengo 8 meses en el mundo del GOLF y estos wedge son fantasticos
nice wedge
club feels well, good back spin into greens,
Excellent Buy. Plays a little shorter than my last 52º, but it’s accurate!!! Hitting more Greens from 💯yards.
Love Ping!
Great Wedges. Smooth looking and feel great when the ball comes off the face. Lots more spin.
Ping Wedges
Great price, great clubs.
Ping Glide Wedges
These wee a sweet Black Friday deal. I played them on a chill December day in Connecticut but still enjoyed the light smooth feel the wedge gave through impact.
Ping Glide SS 50 Degree Wedge
Excellent Gap Wedge! Very accurate wedge and reliable. Excellent price and fast delivery. You folks are becoming my go to place for golf clubs. Thanks!
Great club
I love my ping irons and my 54°&60° wedges, they got me out of some difficult positions and I'm not an experienced player.
Ping a GREAT price!
Just an excellent wedge, no surprise. What was a surprise was the great price on it from Well done, thanks!
Ping Glide
Ping Glide wedge
just what i was looking for,solid club that feels good at contact.
Great club. It has excellent
Great club. It has excellent feel and creates maximum spin on the ball to hold greens efficiently.
The Hot Z 3.0 bag
The Hot Z 3.0 bag was just what I expected--good quality, excellent price. The shoulder straps are not as easy to adjust as I'd like, but acceptable.
Great place to get equipment
5 star. Best shipping rates out there
Ping Glide Wedge
This is a terrific wedge and I would recommend putting the wedge in your bag.
Awesome wedge! Great price, fast delivery, and an actual new club. Not a demo or pre swung like GG or Dicks. Will def buy here again.
Ping Glide Wedges
My new Ping Glide wedge is great. I never could impart spin and stop the ball on the green. With just a little practice the ball is stopping and even spinning back on my approach shots with my new wedge. I have a 56 and 52 degree now and will soon purchase a 48.
Ping Glide
Ping has always made a simple wedge with incredible results. The Glide wedge is not exception to that. Visuals- Taking that simple Ping wedge look from previous wedges is simple and great. When you have something that works why change it. The top line is small and the leading edge gives that feel of crisp contact that everyone is looking for in the wedges. The new silver finish is icing on the cake adding that simple feeling of excellence. Performance- With the Glide wedges being a upgrade from the Gorge wedges of last year, I can only hope for more of the same in terms of performance. Chipping and bunker play is where these excelled for me. With the longer grip, that comes with the Glide wedges I was able to feel out more short chips and also come up with new ideas. The grinds offered in the Glide also helped with the performance allowing me to pick out which one I needed for my swing. Spin was incredible and was also consistent, so adding the Gorge grooves was a big success!


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