Rife Golf Hero Putter

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The Hero blade putter is just one of several new putters eagerly anticipated in Rife Golf’s Vault collection and is a big step away from the mallet-style putters for which Rife Golf is most known and recognized.

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Hero Putter

No Zero of a Hero of a Putter

The Rife Vault putter collection wasn’t complete without a blade so Rife and their designers went to the board to arrive at the Hero blade putter. A curved back on the Hero putter gives the Hero a quarter circle cross section along with a unique sight line that connects the top line to the tail. With the Hero’s plumber neck hosel and contrasting black anodized/silver bi-metal finish, the Hero putter is anything but a zero in terms of feel, look and performance.

The Hero putter also features Rife’s patented Roll Groove technology which consists of closely spaced grooves on the putter face that act like teeth to grip and carry the ball up out of its depression using about 1.5 to 2 degrees of loft. Without the gripping effect of Roll Groove technology, conventional putters require 4 to 6 degrees of loft to launch the ball cleanly out of its depression and toward the target. Roll Groove technology causes a lower chip and more slight backward rotation which helps to immediately roll the ball forward without skipping and skidding. The grooves also reduce the Hero’s putter face contact area with the ball by 80 percent, which softens the feel.

If you're starting to get serious about the game, then any Rife putter is a great purchase. The innovative and good looking Hero blade design is a solid bet loaded with new Rife technology, performance, and high quality along with reasonable, competitive pricing.

  • Lie: 71°
  • Loft: 2°
  • Weight: 355 grams
  • Material: 304 stainless steel + 6061 Aluminum


great filling
if you are to shy to putt and need a putter that help you to push the ball this one is a good bargain and helped me to finally pass the cup. the equilibrium is perfect and feeling is as good as with a scotty cameron.


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