Srixon Z 545 Irons

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Srixon Z 545 Irons (5.00), Reviews (7)
Distance-oriented for discerning players, Srixon Z 545 irons combine hot flight and incredible feel in a slightly larger, more forgiving cavity-back profile.

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Z 545 Irons

For Every Player.

SUP10 Steel Face

Increases COR for higher ball speed. Iron bodies are forged from ultra-soft 1020 carbon steel.

Tour V.T. Sole

Redesigned sole helps tighten shot dispersion with less turf resistance through impact. Tungsten toe weighting in 3-6 irons to improve the center of gravity.

Double Laser Milling

Increases surface roughness for additional spin and trajectory control in all conditions.

Player Type: All ability
Launch: Mid-High
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel
Grip: Lamkin UTx Full Cord Red



best irons ever
best irons I hit.
Srixon Z545
Great set of clubs. Excellent weight distribution. Increased my distances by 20 yards. Better ball flight. I would recommend to anyone interested in their first set of game improvement , forged clubs.Great value for the price.
srixon Z 545
I bought the clubs thinking i wouldn't like the shafts that they came with. Turns out that I love theses Dynamic Gold shafts. Now I know why dynamic gold is a name to trust in golf. With its piercing shots. After hitting a Forged club I don't ever want to hit a cast club again . These clubs make my sore hands feel so much better after around of golf. Plus I'm hitting them better than my rsi1 and any other club i tried. This was the best price on the Z545 I could find anywhere on the Internet was here at Golf Discount .
Srixon, where art though your irons been all my golfing life?
A month earlier, I had purchased 4 Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 wedges from and right away the wedges allowed me to stick shots close to the pin with one small bounce from 105 yards out with confidence. However, the new wedges made my 25 year old PingZing irons feel weird and deficient at address and during my swing. Through some research, I found out that Srixon had purchased Cleveland and their technology six years ago and was now manufacturing iron sets. The Srixons are great irons as balls just rocket off the club-head, even when missing the sweet spot. I have gained about 5-7 yards in distance and much accuracy with my mid-long approach shots to the green. Also, the PW has really improved my chipping as I am now getting many 18 inch 1-putt gimmes per round. I am not a great golfer by any means, as my index is only 24, but I now I look forward to having a real chance to improve to a sub-20 index.
Srixon 545 irons 3-per stiff
Excellent set for the price! Prompt service and great work by FedEx . Paid the import duties. The irons were in wrapper so were the grips. Honestly srixon is under rated. Forged forgiving clubs with extra oomph in them .
Get these quick
Get these quick before they completely close out now that the 565's are out. Needed a game improvement iron while my rotator cuff heal. Just wasn't hitting my blades well. These feel like butter. Not sure I will go back to my blades
Srixon is very underrated
I have the 745 and 545 irons and they are both excellent. The 745's are players irons but still offers a little forgiveness but the 545 and I would assume the new 565 offer great distance and forgiveness while not looking like a chunky offset game improvement iron. I prefer the look of the 545's over the 565's so I was glad to see that Golf Discount had the 545's still available. I now use a comb set of 545 4 through 6 and 745 7 - PW.

Expert Review

Srixon Z 545 Irons Expert Review

Written By: Bob Gomavitz

Player Stats:
  • Age: 57
  • Handicap: 4.6
  • Years Playing Golf: 45
  • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


The Takeaway

Like the Z 745, the Z 545 are forged from 1020 Carbon Steel for that special feel. Both incorporate the Tour V.T. Sole which increases the leading edge and decreases the trailing edge, reducing turf resistance and tightening shot dispersion. The Z 545 uses SUP10 Steel Face over the 1020 Carbon Steel bodies to enhance distance, while the Carbon Steel bodies provide that premium smooth feel. The 3-6 Irons feature a tungsten toe weight to optimize the Center of Gravity. Srixon calls the Z 545 a Distance-Oriented head for “All Ability” Players.

Who's It For?

I would have said in the past that Game Improvement irons are more for 18+ handicappers. Purists most likely will still walk by this section in the stores, but so be it. Now, pretty much any type of player can play this class of Game Improvement irons without hesitation, and there is one main reason. What held back the better players in previous years from using this class of iron was the hot spots, or jumpers as they’re called, which creates inconsistent distances from the same club number. The OEM’s have done a fabulous job correcting this issue with better technology in head and groove design.

Final Take

I found both of the Srixon versions interesting, especially the technology of the V.T. sole. I am more on the non-digging side and would love to see a digger with the Z 545 in their hands. Cavity design interesting base on positioning of the weight. The Z 545 positions more of the weight in the center of the cavity (which is normal) and towards the heel. Typically, the center and the toe area of the cavity are the main focus for weight distribution. In saying this I found the Z 545 to be a great feeling head that is more compact and very clean at address for this “All Ability” head. Balls flight was more on the low side I felt. I also liked the stock grip choice of the Lampkin UTx Red grip.

Club Tested: 6-Iron; Shaft: PX; Loft: 27°

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