SuperStroke Plus 2.0 XL Putter Grip

SuperStroke Plus 2.0 XL Putter Grip

+ PLUS SERIES grips provide the ability to add back-weighting to any putter, to achieve optimum balance.
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Plus 2.0 XL Putter Grip

New For 2015!

With a proprietary new threaded cap design, players can quickly and easily install a 50g back-weight to instantly change feel and response. The 50g CounterCore weight is sold separately.


  • Hi-Tech mjulti-material PU construction for enhanced feel.
  • Parallel Grip Technology for a more consistent stroke.
  • CrossTraction Technology for increased tackiness.
  • 50g CounterCore backweight available for decreased wrist action and a more consistent stroke.
  • This grip features a proprietary threaded cap design allowing this 50g back weight to be instantly inserted.
  • Weight kit sold separately. Click here to view the CounterCore Weight Kit.


  • Profile: Legacy
  • Width: 1.20"
  • Length: 13.75"
  • Weight: 78g
  • Core: 0.58"

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