TaylorMade 2016 M1 Special Edition Driver

TaylorMade 2016 M1 Special Edition Driver

Show your stripes with the Special Edition M1 Driver from TaylorMade. This patriotic driver has the same features as the popular M1 Driver, only now it is available in a limited edition USA colorway.
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M1 Special Edition Driver

Go Team USA!

Personalized distance and forgiveness takes on a new, patriotic look with the M1 Special Edition Driver. Available for a limited time, the M1 Special Edition Driver features a stunning blue carbon composite crown, red loft sleeve, and an American flag icon on the toe. Further accentuated by a chrome face and a T-track that includes blue and red sliding weights, the M1 Special Edition Driver makes a powerful statement for any golfer, in both looks and performance.

Multi-Material Construction

The use of revolutionary carbon composite crown design in TaylorMade's new M1 driver resulted in a significant decrease in overall club weight and allowed engineers to lower the CG and add a revolutionary T-Track system that houses 25g of adjustable weight, enabling the golfer to personalize their driver more than with any product before. TaylorMade's research and development team's internal acoustic management techniques have led to the M1 driver's best in class sound, which has been meticulously crafted to control vibration and pitch at impact.

T-Track System

With the savings in discretionary weight from the seven-layer carbon composite crown, TaylorMade was able to introduce its revolutionary new T-Track system; one essential key to the M1's fitting performance. The M1 Driver features one 15g moveable weight in the Front Track, sliding from heel to toe, allowing golfers to adjust their draw or fade bias by up to 25 yards. Similarly, the Back Track on the M1 Driver allows the golfer 10g of moveable weight.

Previous drivers have allowed golfers to move weight from left to right and others from front to back, but with M1, golfers have the ability to adjust their fade or draw, while simultaneously personalizing their spin and forgiveness settings with the back track. With a plethora of possible fitting combinations, the M1 driver is TaylorMade's most fittable driver to date.

M1 has an incredibly low CG, lower than R15 in fact, which essentially projects at center face and increases the energy transfer at impact.

Design Aesthetics

Designed and built to be the best performing golf products in the world, M1's engineers also sought the perfect blend of form and function in the club's aesthetics and club alignment. The endeavor brought forward the authenticity of the club's materials in a way that produced the most effective, visually appealing alignment system of any TaylorMade product to date. The combination of the black face, white forward section and composite rear of the M1's crown is not only visually attractive, but provides golfers with a confidence-inspiring alignment aid at address.


The 12 position loft sleeve provides up to four degrees of loft adjustment, the T-Track can be set for more/less draw/fade and higher/lower trajectory; Combined with a choice of over 30 shaft offerings the TaylorMade M1 can be customized to get the most out of your game and ultimately, lower scores.

Special Edition Features

  • Blue carbon crown
  • Red loft sleeve
  • Blue and red sliding weights
  • American flag design on toe
  • White PVD finish
  • Red, white, and blue leather headcover
  • Z-Grip Patriot grip from Golf Pride
  • Special Edition Fujikura Speeder Evolution TS 661 shaft
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