Titleist NXT Tour S Logo Overrun Bagged Practice Balls

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Titleist NXT Tour S Logo Overrun Bagged Practice Balls (4.80), Reviews (5)
NXT Tour S Logo Overrun Practice Balls are conforming products that differ only due to a cosmetic blemish such as paint, ink or registration of stamping. These balls are brand new, and CHEAP!
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NXT Tour S Logo Overrun Practice Balls

Practice Like A Pro.

NXT Tour S Logo Overrun Practice golf balls come straight from Titleist. They include personal imprints or company logos, and are not defective in any way. Please note, these Logo Overrun Practice balls come in bagged packs of 12, have "PRACTICE" stamped on the side, and may include current and/or previous years' balls. Practice golf balls may be used in a casual round of golf - including those with scores posted for handicaps - and most competitions, with the possible exception of high-level competitions invoking the Local Rule requiring balls to be on the List of Conforming Golf Balls.

Titleist NXT Tour S Golf Balls are designed to deliver low driver and long iron spin for even more outstanding distance, commanding short game scoring performance and substantially softer feel than the regular NXT Tour golf balls.


  • Large dual core with softer center
  • Soft, thin Fusablend cover
  • Spherically tiled 302 octahedral dimple design

These balls come packaged in a bag

PRACTICE is stamped on the side of the ball


Best deal on Titleist Balls !! 🏌️🏌️
Buy allyou can, they're not charging enough !!
Excellent Value For a Good Ball
This is an excellent ball and the price is outstanding for what i want. I don't have a handicap, don't post any scores obviously and I don't participate in any tournaments but I still love golf. And while my game is certainly not worthy of a high dollar ball I still like the feel of a ball like this Titleist NXT Tour Logo Pracice ball especially around the greens. I sue to purchase other balls at a great price and when I saw this advertised i bought a couple dozen. After i received them and played with them and learned this is a great ball I turned around and bought a couple dozen more. Even though they went up in price by $3 a dozen it was still an great bargain. The truth is that these balls look pretty good as the word "PRACTICE" is nicely printed on the ball and definitely doesn't look like a range ball. As i wrote, I've recieved some pretty good dals from abut this deal is outstanding.
Unbeatable for the quality and price - will buy 6 dozen more when the sale comes back around
Next tour s balls
Pretty nice for practice balls I sometimes use the balls on course when not hitting well. They travel just like a reg. Ball


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