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Titleist Prior Generation Pro V1x Logo Overrun Bagged Golf Balls

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Titleist Prior Generation Pro V1x Logo Overrun Bagged Golf Balls (4.70), Reviews (11)
No matter the logo, these new Titleist golf balls are engineered to deliver top performance at a lower price.

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Pro V1x Logo Overrun Golf Balls

#1 Ball on Worldwide Tours

Titleist Logo Overrun golf balls are brand new and come straight from Titleist. They include personal imprints or company logos, and are not defective in any way. Please note, Logo Overrun balls come in plastic bagged packs of 12 and may include current and/or previous years' balls.

The Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls feature a new, patented thermoset urethane elastomer cover that delivers more short game spin and control, and softer feel. The softer, reformulated cover system improves feel, sound and short game scoring control, providing golfers the confidence and performance to hit it closer to the hole. See how the new cover formulation will help your short game performance.

The Pro V1x is a four-piece, multi-component technology with a ZG process dual core, ionomeric casing layer, softer thermoset urethane elastomer cover and spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design.

  • Exceptional distance
  • More short game control
  • Even softer feel
  • Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control
  • Long lasting durability

Understanding which ball is best for you is the ultimate goal of Titleist in their effort to help you improve your scores. They have an excellent online application to help you understand the various balls they manufacture and how they play in your game


Great deal
As Advertised
Got exactly what I ordered in a very timely manner, in fact, sooner than projected...
Logo Overrun Deal
The Titlelist Logo Overrun ball is a really good deal. 1st quality golf balls at the best price includes freight when you buy 3 dozen.
Overrun ProV1x golf balls
Excellent deal! For the price you can't beat it
Logo overstock ProV1X
If logos don't bother you, and why would they, these are a fantastic deal. And the numbers were all over the board, 59, 61,14, name it, which makes them unique in identifying your own ball. Great deal.
Great value
Great value
Pretty good value plus they are easy to identify
Pro Vs, sometimes cool logos, ten bucks cheaper than regular price... what's not to like?
I'd buy again
exactly what I wanted


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