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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

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For golfers demanding better feel, the Tour Soft golf ball delivers category leading soft feel and a better performance experience.

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Tour Soft Golf Balls

Better Performance. Better Feel.

Through technology and process innovations, Titleist has developed the Tour Soft golf ball. It delivers category leading soft feel and commanding distance. To develop a golf ball with such responsive feel and very fast speed, engineers built the largest core ever in a Titleist golf ball. This soft core is surrounded by an ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover for excellent short game performance. For golfers demanding better feel, Titleist Tour Soft is a better performance experience.

Player Benefits

  • Category Leading Soft Feel
  • Commanding Distance
  • Advanced Short Game Control
  • Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight

Tour Soft Technology

  • Largest Titleist Core Ever Designed
  • 4CE Grafted Cover Made with TCU Process Technology
  • Spherically-Tiled 342 Cuboctahedron Dimple Design


I like 'em
I have been using Bridgestone E-6 balls for as long as I can remember (I'm 75 yrs old and so pardon me if I don't remember much anymore). But the Titleist T.S. I'm thinking I like even more. Just feel better to me, both off the tee and further down. I am happy with my purchase. Just wish they were a little cheaper but that's what you get for buying anything with the Titleist name on it.
Very surprised how good this ball is. Very soft feel yet still flies far. Great around the greens. Not giving anything up to Pro V1 except cost!
Still experiencing poor golfing weather
Still experiencing poor golfing weather check back in two weeks
The new golf balls are great around the greens. They dont go as far as the Pro V1X but they biite and land softly around the greens.

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