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Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge Zoom

Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge

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Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge (4.90), Reviews (40)
Vokey Spin Milled 5 (SM5) wedges are the best performing wedges in the game, a result of Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s decades of research and collaborating with the world’s best players, such as Adam Scott, Steve Stricker and Jason Dufner. Since 2004, Vokey Design wedges have been the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour and the most played wedge at every level of competitive golf.

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Vokey Spin Milled 5 Wedge

#1 Short-Game Wedge

Vokey Spin Milled 5 (SM5) wedges are the best performing wedges in the game, a result of Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s decades of research and collaborating with the world’s best players, such as Adam Scott, Steve Stricker and Jason Dufner. Since 2004, Vokey Design wedges have been the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour and the most played wedge at every level of competitive golf.

“I’ve always said I have the best R&D facility in the world – the PGA Tour,” Vokey said. “I worked closely with our team of craftsmen and engineers to apply everything I’ve learned from the best players in the world to Spin Milled 5. We’ve increased the spin. We’ve given players more control. And we’ve got a bounce and grind matrix that will provide the versatility and confidence to hit a variety shots around the green and get up and down more.”

Titleist and their new Vokey SM5 wedges are giving golfers more tour-preferred grind and bounce options than ever before, as in 21 different loft/bounce/grind combinations and six tour-inspired sole grinds, as well as more spin from their larger third-generation Spin Milled grooves. Two different performance configurations of the new Spin Milled TX3 grooves feature 17 precise, individually cut and 100-percent inspected grooves that continue to push the conforming limits of effective edge radius for increased backspin. With more bounce and sole grind options, as part of an industry-leading model matrix, the new Vokey SM5 wedges provide the versatility for improved shotmaking, giving players the confidence to execute more shots around the green.

The Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome wedge also sports a new, brighter chrome that has a dark blast face for better contrast and framing, a soft nickel layer base for feel and rust prevention, and a thin top chrome layer for durability.

SM5 Sole Grind Descriptions

  • L Grind: Narrow crescent sole with small forward bounce surface and minimal camber. Swing type: Slider. Condition type: Firm.
  • T Grind: Dual bounce sole with wide trailing bounce surface. Swing type: Slider/Neutral. Condition type: Firm/Medium.
  • S Grind: Full sole with straight trailing edge ribbon and moderate heel relief. Swing type: Slider/Neutral. Condition type: Firm/Medium/Soft.
  • M Grind: Crescent sole with narrow forward bounce surface and moderate camber. Swing type: Slider/Neutral. Condition type: Firm/Medium.
  • F Grind: Full sole with moderate camber and small trailing edge ribbon. Swing type: Slider/Neutral/Digger. Condition type: Firm/Medium/Soft.
  • K Grind: Wide sole with increased bounce and enhanced camber. Swing type: Neutral/Digger. Condition type: Medium/Soft.



As advertised.
Wedge is a replacement for a like wedge in my bag that was worn. Club arrived in perfect (new) condition within the advertised time frame. Very happy with the purchase.
Vokey Wedge right on
This was just what I ordered and it cam promptly thank you!
Great wedge!
Need a wedge for thin lies? This is it. The ball really jumps off the face. Be a little careful with really fluffy lies as the club can slide underneath the ball. Great club highly recommend!
Great Deal!!
Great deal! Was looking for another 58° SM5 wedge to replace my wearing club. Did not want to purchase an SM6 quite yet. I was lucky to find this one and it was a good deal.
Best wedges made...
Hands down, the best wedges I have ever played. Love the saw milling and grind, ability to order my preferred bounce. The weighting is great, awesome feel and feedback.
Very nice quality
Great club.
Great wedge from BV
Great wedge. I have SM6 wedge, and so far I cannot really tell the difference that would overshadow the cheaper price tag on the SM6.
Great club.
Great club.
Top of the line wedge
Sm5 wedge
I picked up a 52 and a 56 degree last season and after taking a couple of weeks to get used to them they were great. They set up nice and put tons of spin in the ball. I can suck them back easily. The 60 is so solid and great out of bunkers too. Strongly recommend these wedges!!!!
Volkey Wedge
Decent price for these (94.99) since the SM6's are out.
They're definitely Vokey wedges. There really isn't much else to say.
Vokey wedge
These Vokeys are very easy to hit and for the price they are worth every penny. I can do more around the green with the 54° than any other club in my bag. Bump/run, chip and check, flop. Most controlled club in my bag.
Vokey Wedges
Quality product, excellent price and timely delivery.
Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedge
Best wedges I have played. These are the 3rd set of Titleist Vokey wedges I have purchased and they keep getting better. There is a loft and grind to fit any swing pattern.
Great wedge!
Purchased a 54 F grind and a 58 K grind a month ago! Great clubs. I can't wait to play around with them this summer and beyond.
Around the green
As an older golfer, who took a couple of decades away from golf, I found I couldn't reach the green in regulation anymore. With that; my short game became key. These wedges are the answer to every question when I come up short on approach. Ithey offer excellent control and ball action. Highly recommended.
Great wedge!
Brand new and 30% cheaper than a major sporting good store!!!
SM5 Vokey Wedge
Exactly as ordered. Shipped within a week. Thanks for the great service.
If your serious
If your serious about your game and want equipment you can depend on, Titleist volkey wedges will define the player and bring them to the next level of performance.
volkey chrome wedge
Best Price Around
I purchased 2 Titleist Vokey SM5 wedges, 52 and 58 degrees. I don't know how got the price below everyone else (1/3 off from the club's initial list price). Normally, Titleist does not reduce their prices. I would highly recommend buying from this website.
Titleist Vokey Wedge SM5 60 loft/11 bounce
Second 60 degree loft Vokey wedge. First one has 4 degrees of bounce, new one has 11 degrees of bounce. Great scoring club around the greens including sand. It was time for a new wedge with wear and tear over time. Increased bounce will be beneficial under certain circumstances and more playable overall. Carrying both for now however.
Great lob wedges
Great lob wedges
M grind works great in
M grind works great in my home Arizona desert fairway and sand conditions.
Great wedge
56 degree wedge is perfect for sand and those close touch shots around the green.
Great Club - Good Price
Great Club - Good Price - Quick Delivery
Excellent service
I continue to purchase from these folks. They deliver the products I want and need. It would be great to have 2 day free delivery but I can wait :).
Titleist Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome Wedge, 62 T grind
This Vokey is performing exacting for what I bought it for! Our greens are fast, and undulating. Consequently you need flop shots to stick our greens, and my 58 degree Vokey sand wedge up close was not getting the job done. The T grind which I found hard to find has allowed me to stop the ball quicker...........Enjoy, Bob
Wonderful club
This series of wedges allows precise approaches to greens to maximize birdie chances!


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