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Tour Edge 1Out Plus CB Wedge Zoom

Tour Edge 1Out Plus CB Wedge

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The 1 Out wedge is designed to tackle the course's greatest challenge - the sand trap. The heavy, super-wide sole puts more weight below and behind the ball making it easy to get the ball airborne.

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1Out Plus Counterbalanced Wedge

Dominate the Greenside.

The new 1Out Plus wedge features an ultra-heavy head with a counter-balanced grip to make greenside bunker and chip shots easier than ever. To counter-balance the wedge, 90 grams of additional weight is added in the butt end of the grip to counter the heavier head. The weighting increases stability and improves wrist position at impact.

The head design features a super-wide sole that makes sand shots easier than ever. The sole glides through the sand, easily lifting the ball up and out.


  • Counter-balanced grip improves stability and wrist position at impact for more accurate shots
  • Super-wide sole design for easier sand shots
  • Heavy sole puts maximum weight below the ball for easy launch


Tour Edge CB Wedge
Love this club! Getting out of the bunker just got easy! Even with bad hard funky sand it still works!
Very good shop
Very good shop
Stroke Saving Wedge
Had only a few minutes to try out my new club before my tournament a couple weeks ago . Been very hot down here , so no range work for me . Anyway gave her a quick run ouit of sand , shot grass, long grass to try and get a feel for her . Off we go ...first hole chip to within 5 feet ..bird, second hole off the fringe left to right breaker about 20yds...in the cup ! Guess you know what i think of this beauty ..get one !!!


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