Tour Edge Women's Bazooka Platinum Individual Iron-Wood

Tour Edge Women's Bazooka Platinum Individual Iron-Wood

The newly designed Bazooka Platinum Individual Iron-Wood features oversized, hollow head volumes for more forgiveness and a super-thin forged crown for more launch and distance.
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Bazooka Platinum Individual Iron-Wood

Super-Game Improvement Iron

The Bazooka Platinum Iron-Wood takes the super-game-improvement iron category to an entirely new level. Available individually, the club’s perimeter-weighted, oversized, hollow, hyper-steel head makes it an ideal iron replacement.

Two heavy tungsten sole weights make the Bazooka Platinum extremely forgiving. The weights place more weight below the ball so even off-center hits fly longer and more accurately. The Platinum Iron-Wood combines a lightweight, super-thin, forged crown and a cast body. The thin crown allows 20 grams of weight to be added to the sole. dramatically lowering the club's center of gravity to launch the ball higher. For enhanced distance, the face is thinned and features three internal reinforcement bars for durability.


  • Hollow, hyper-steel head allows for maximum perimeter weighting for maximum forgiveness
  • Super-thin forged crown allows the weight to be shifted which creates an ideal center of gravity position
  • Long irons are more hybrd-like and shorter scoring irons are more iron-like in look and feel for optimal performance from any distance

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