Golf Discount Trade In Program

Step 1 - Determine Trade-in Value

Find the club(s) you wish to trade-in using the club categories above. You may browse eligible clubs by type, brand and model. Please note the following:

* There are 2 condition ratings offered. If your item is new, choose new. If your item is in good, very good or excellent condition, we offer one price. Clubs with excess wear & tear (excessive scratches, dings and dents, bent shafts, and rattles) are not acceptable. You must accept the following terms before submitting your trade:

All clubs must meet a minimum condition standard in order to be accepted for trade-in. By committing to trade-in your club, you certify that your club meets our condition guidelines. Clubs received that do not meet our minimum condition guidelines are subject to be returned at your expense. Always ask yourself "What would I rate this item if I were the buyer?"

Clubs with the following defects will not be accepted:

Dented metal woods
* Metal woods with significant "sky-marks" or "pop-up marks" on the crown
* Irons or wedges with grooves worn more than 50% smooth
* Any clubs with cracked or bent shafts
* Any clubs with cracked or badly scratched heads
* Wedges with excessive sole wear or dings from rocks or cart paths
* Any clubs with chrome damage
* Shafts with excessive bag wear or paint scratches
* Ping woods with aftermarket re-shaft work are not accepted unless the work was done by Ping.

If a club is deemed unfit for resale, we reserve the right to refuse it and return it to you, or make you an offer based on the circumstances. We will email you with an explanation of why your club has been refused and offer you the appropriate value based on the condition.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Condition Guidelines

Clubs are accepted in fair condition. Your club is in fair condition if it meets the following description:
- The club heads have small to moderate scratching or minor paint chips. The shaft(s) has marks and abrasions but is in good working order with no cracks or breaks. The grip(s) may be worn, but not torn or missing. In general your club(s) shows moderate to heavy usage but is in working condition and considered able to be resold.

Clubs are accepted in good condition. Your club is in good condition if it meets the following description:
-The club heads have very light scratches or abrasions from normal play. The shafts are in good condition and show no sign of significant wear or damage. In general your club(s) will show light to moderate wear resulting from normal, but not excessive play or damage.

Very Good:
Clubs are accepted in very good condition. Your club is in very good condition if it meets the following description:
-The club heads show some signs of light use from normal or light play. There will be visible, but slight ball marks and scratches on club heads, but none through the paint. The shaft(s) appear new with a luster or like new appearance, with very few slight marks or abrasions. The scoring lines and markings are sharp with very little wear. The grips may be in slightly worn condition.

Clubs are accepted in excellent condition. Your club is in excellent condition if it meets the following description:
-The club(s) show only slight signs of use. The club face(s) and head(s) contain very slight surface scratches. The shaft(s) appear like new and have no abrasions or scratches. The grips are new or like new. The scoring lines and markings are sharp with very little wear. The club(s) include all of the original accessories (headcover, weight kits, etc.)

Clubs are accepted in new condition. Your club is in new condition if it meets the following description:
-The club(s) have not been used or modified. The club(s) include all of the original accessories (head cover, weight kits, etc.)

Once you have selected a club and specified its attributes, you will be directed to a page with our offer price and credit options. At this time, the Trade In Credit will only be offered in the form of a Gift Certificate. Please select the Gift Certificate Option when you submit your trade.

Can't find your club? Click here to submit a trade-in value request.

Step 2 - Submit Your Trade-in Order

Upon selecting your credit type, your trade-in club will be added to your shopping cart. The "Trade-in Total" in your shopping cart is the credit amount that will be issued to you when your trade-in has been delivered to our warehouse and processed.

When you have finished shopping and adding trade-in items, click the "Checkout Now" button and complete the easy 3-step checkout process.

If you are making a purchase along with your trade-in, please note that the credit will not be available until we receive the club(s), grade them, and issue your credit.

Step 3 - Ship Trade-in Club(s)

There is no cost to you for shipping your trade-in club(s) to us; we will provide a prepaid UPS shipping label!

Prepare your trade-in for shipment and take to a UPS Authorized ShipCenter, where they will generate a shipping label and ship your package.

Step 4 - Receive Trade-in Credit

Once your trade-in is received at the redemption center, it will be promptly processed. In most cases, the processing is completed within 5 business days after receipt of the club(s), at which time your credit will be issued.

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