WellPutt Welling-Putt Pro 10' Mat

Welling-putt Pro is the ultimate putting mat, not just by its concept, but also the quality of its texture and the exercises provided in its Training Book.

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Welling-Putt Pro Mat

The Ultimate Putting Tool

A good putt is the result of a good aim and the right speed. This is why the Welling-Putt Pro is designed with two directions of play. One direction focuses on aim, while the other direction works on feel.

The Welling-Putt Pro is made so you can develop a very strong sensitivity for speed. This mat includes multiple alignment guides and features the Welling-Putt Zone, or good-putt zone, which has two parts; Zone A is for uphill putts, and Zone B is for downhill putts. Putts have to roll over the hole and finish in Zone A or B depending on the excercise.



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