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Wilson Staff Prior Generation Fifty Elite Orange Golf Balls

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Today, Fifty Elite Orange is hands down the best value in premium balls, offering performance similar to balls twice the price.

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Fifty Elite Orange Golf Balls

Balanced Performance.

The Fifty Elite golf ball launched an entirely new performance expectation into the 2-piece distance ball category. As the original (and only) 50 compression golf ball, Fifty offered unmatched feel in a ball that is as long as any on the market. Today, Fifty Elite is hands down the best value in premium balls, offering performance similar to balls twice the price.

  • Orange color for increased visibility
  • An aggressive core is offset by a responsive cover
  • Explosive distance is coupled with soft feel
  • Low driver spin is offset by high greenside spin
  • Long carry, quick stop
  • Compression: 50
  • Layers: 2-Piece
  • Ball Type: Distance
  • Packaging: 12 Balls
  • Cover: Ionomer
  • Dimple Count: 302


I like these golf balls. Wilson`s in general. Good ball for the price. They drive nice and are good around the greens. Easier to find too.
Higher Launch, More Carry
A mid single digit handicap, with moderate swing speed (240 driver, 140 7 iron), I strongly believe in choosing a golf ball and sticking with it exclusively. When I decide on a new ball, I buy a case of them and immediately throw a dozen in a shag bag for short game practice. This is because there is a radical difference between balls in the short game. On the longer courses, I miss a lot of greens and getting up and down is critical. That doesn't mean choosing a high spin ball which is a negative for most golfers, including me. It's about consistency and knowing exactly how the ball is going to react. As long as it isn't one of those rock hard distance balls that's a nightmare to pitch, chip and putt with, I don't care about or rely on high spin. Here is how these balls perform on and around the green: In many years of golf, I've never putted with a ball less reactive off the putter face, which is not a bad thing. You've got to give it about 20% more than my current Maxfli UFLi Soft balls. I actually like this because it allows more stroke on lightning fast greens. But, it does take a little getting used to. Pitching and chipping is the same way, they require a little more OOMPH. I don't rely on cat claw spin anyway, but these fall in the middle range of the spin department. All that being said, here is why I like these golf balls. They clearly LAUNCH and CARRY further with a slower swing speed! This is where they perform as advertised. The low compression, reactive core and unique 302 dimple pattern clearly launch higher and provide more carry which I find to be a huge advantage! I'm still working it out, but it appears to be nearly a full club difference from my current 4 piece Maxfli Ufli Soft. On full shots they feel great, like the old balata balls except they really jump and fly like crazy. I can’t believe they’re only $15 per dozen, what a bargain. For this reason I'm sold and look forward to some good rounds going forward.
Easy order. Quick shipment.
Easy order. Quick shipment.
I just love 'em.......
Stop wasting time looking for your ball
Easy to find which saves lots of time. Long without feeling like a brick and spins enough to stop on the greens.
Long and Soft
Super long and soft along with enough spin with your short irons/wedges I'm considering replacing my Penta with these for local tournament play


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