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Winn WinnPro X 1.32 Putter Grip Black/Blue Zoom

Winn WinnPro X 1.32 Putter Grip

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Winn WinnPro X 1.32 Putter Grip (4.70), Reviews (3)
The 1.32" diameter of this WinnPro X makes it feel slightly smaller than a Winn Jumbo putter grip. With minimal tapering in the grip profile, the paddle shape reduces wrist movement during the stroke. The tacky Excel polymer material makes this grip as comfortable as it is attractive.

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WinnPro X 1.32 Putter Grip

Slightly Smaller Than Jumbo

Th WinnPro X 1.32 putter grip uses a less tapered profile than traditional designs to eliminate wrist movement during the stroke. These extremely comfortable, slip-resistant grips reduce stress on the hands and body, enabling players to lighten their grip pressure and extend their playing time. Tension-free swings produce better results and ultimately lead to more hours of enjoyment on the course.

Why Winn grips you ask? Well, they are likely the best in golf and use polymer grip technology and compounds that are tackier, more shock absorbing, and more comfortable than traditional rubber. These polymers are uniquely formulated to achieve a wide spectrum of firmnesses, textures and weights to suit any type of golfer.

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great putter grip
great putter grip


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