XXIO 9 Driver

XXIO 9 Driver

XXIO improved on the tremendously successful XXIO8 Driver by increasing XXIO9 head weight, for maximum head speed, and decreasing the weight in the shaft and the grip.
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XXIO9 Driver

Superior Control and Distance.

XXIO [zek-si-oh] is part of the Dunlop Sports Co. LTD family and brings the #1 golf brand in Japan to America. With a long standing tradition of premium golf clubs in Japan, Dunlop Sports is proud to announce the introduction of the XXIO brand to America. While American golfers may not be familiar with XXIO, the brand has experienced tremendous success in Japan and Korea.

The XXIO9 series features Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd.'s original Dual Speed Technology, which maximizes the efficiency of the golfer's swing. The newest improvement to DST includes a boost in efficiency for the initial portion of the downswing. Lag is increased by utilizing a heavier head and a lighter shaft with a higher balance point moving the CG closer to the grip. This improvement to the club brings the club head in tighter to the body of the golfer for a more efficient swing, which generates more centrifugal force (rotational speed) for increased head speed and greater distance.

The key update to Dual Speed Technology in the XXIO9 series is Dunlop Sports’ self-developed MP900 graphite shaft. Featuring advanced materials, this shaft is lighter, with the balance point closer to the grip, which allows the club to move closer to the golfer for a more efficient swing. The MP900 graphite shaft is made from cutting edge materials utilized in aircraft, launch vehicles, and next generation aerospace applications. Thanks to these advanced materials the MP900 graphite shaft is 2 grams lighter and the balance point was moved 20mm closer to the grip than the MP800 graphite shaft. A new layer structure was also created for the shaft in XXIO9, since the inner and outermost layers receive the most force during the swing, engineers utilized a concentric hoop layer to allow for both a lighter and more durable shaft.


  • Lie angle: 58°
  • Head volume: 460cc
  • Club length: 45.5"
  • Club weight: 272 grams

Shaft: MP900 Graphite

Stiff Flex:

  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Weight: 46 grams
  • Torque: 6.2

Stiff/Regular Flex:

  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • Torque: 6.3

Regular Flex:

  • Bend Point: Mid
  • Weight: 41 grams
  • Torque: 6.4
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