XXIO Forged Irons

XXIO Forged Irons

The XXIO Forged Irons combine easy forgiveness with feel, optimized for mid-level to advanced golfers.

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XXIO Forged Irons

Improved Feel

Improvements to the cavity structure helps to suppress reverberation at impact while maintaining the soft impact feel of a forged iron, further improving the feel of the XXIO Forged Irons. By enlarging the thin area behind the face at the toe and heel, the repulsion area of the XXIO Forged Irons has been increased by 3% helping to decrease distance loss. The newly developed MX-5000 carbon shaft and N.S. Pro 940GH DST steel shaft are now lighter than in the previous XXIO Forged Iron models, with the center of gravity moved closer to the grip to lighten the overall shaft weight, resulting in improved distance through each iron in the XXIO Forged range.


XXIO Forged Irons Expert Review

Written By: Bob Gomavitz

Player Stats:
  • Age: 57
  • Handicap: 4.6
  • Years Playing Golf: 45
  • Being an absolute equipment junkie, I was approached by GolfDiscount.com to write reviews and share my findings with you. Having been chosen to write a number of Taylormade product reviews for GolfWRX.com I felt that this is an excellent opportunity to put my knowledge to use.


The Takeaway

The XXIO Forged Irons produce longer distance from a higher repulsion face with an enlarged thin area, creating an expanded sweet spot. XXIO has moved the CG closer to the grip through a lightweight shaft that make it an overall lighter weight club. Dual Speed Technology maximizes a player’s rotational efficiency while also delivering more kinetic energy at impact. The end result: more head speed, more ball speed, and more distance.

Who's It For?

These irons are perfect for players who are looking for that forged iron feel, but want as big of a sweet spot as possible. Also, players who are looking for maximum elevation and incredible distance will want to have a look at these irons. One note, with the lightweight shaft, players with larger hands might struggle with the smaller grips, which is a byproduct of the DST principal.

Final Take

esting the XXIO irons last year was quite a surprise. This year’s forged version did not let me down and wowed me even more so. The feel was incredible, extremely solid yet with great feedback. I found that mishits also felt better than most heads I have tested. Elevating the ball is effortless and well struck shots get a great jump off the face. It was a thing of beauty to watch in the air. Distance came with ease and was consistent. Definitely one of the best irons that I have tested this year to date.

Club Tested: 7 Iron Shaft: Nippon N.S. Pro 940GH; Flex: Stiff; Loft: 30°

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