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Shop our wide selection of stylish and affordable Women's golf apparel. We carry the latest styles from Adidas, Puma, Nike, FootJoy, Sun Mountain, and more! Choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and fits for your preferences and body type. Be sure to look your best, in all weather conditions, every time you set foot on the golf course. From golf polos to golf skirts, you'll find just what you need to complete your golf wardrobe. Discover great deals and cute golf outfits at Golf Discount, all orders over $99 ship to you for free.

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A Ladies Guide On How To Dress For Golf

In almost every way, dressing for golf is like dressing for any occasion. First, you want to look good. In fact, you probably want to look great. And why not? So let’s focus on appearance first.

By the way, comfort and performance are a given these days, especially from the top apparel brands. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or performance for appearance and style. Everything is made with golf in mind. More about this shortly.

Here’s a great thing about women’s golf apparel: There are lots of options. Playing golf is a fun and stylish way to expand your wardrobe. Yes, these clothes are designed for the golf course. But what’s also true is these clothes make you look and feel great, wherever you happen to be. Women’s golf apparel is an opportunity to express your personal style, or try something new, a fashion experiment of sorts. Maybe that style is classic, or bright and bold, or sporty/athletic. Often it’s a combination. There are many options as you consider your look. They include a rainbow of colors; fashionable solids, patterns and prints; stylish feminine cuts and fits; and much more. And, yes, they’re available for every body type.

Like Your Look

Companies such as Adidas, FootJoy, Nike, PING, Puma and Sun Mountain are competing to make you look your best. They keep designing cute, fashionable and colorful outfits, hoping that you’ll choose them for your closet, the golf course and more. Obviously, this works in your favor.

Every Clothing Type

To simplify, let’s break down women’s golf apparel into tops, bottoms and the rest.

TOPS: Shirts, Polos, Vests, Pullovers, Jackets, Sweaters.
The shirt or polo is a staple of the golf outfit and can be mixed and matched with other items such as shorts, skirts and pants, as well as vests, pullovers and jackets. Polos are available in short sleeves, long sleeves and sleeveless, depending on individual preferences, layering considerations and weather conditions. They’re also available in a range of colors, patterns, styles and fits. Other tops such as vests and pullovers provide layering and complement the shirt and overall outfit.

BOTTOMS: Shorts, Pants, Capris, Skirts, Skorts.
Advantage ladies. There are so many options for the golf course, which means virtually unlimited opportunities for fun outfits and combinations. That includes lots of colors, styles, lengths and fits to choose from.

ACCESSORIES: Belts, Socks, Shoes, Rain-Wear, Caps, Visors, Hats, Eyewear, Gloves.
More than an afterthought, these are important items for a golf wardrobe and to round out golf gear. Select a pair of comfortable golf shoes and a quality belt to complete your outfits. And a quality pair of socks are a must to keep your feet cushioned and from slipping in your golf shoes. Rain-wear and head wear protect you from the elements and shield the sun.

The Need For Comfort

While appearance is very important, women’s golf apparel also needs to be comfortable. In other words, clothing that truly feels good on your body and next to your skin every time you wear it. Some have used the phrase “breathable comfort” to describe this type of apparel.

Women’s golf apparel from the top brands includes features such as moisture-wicking fabrics to help you stay dry and cool on those warm or hot days on the golf course. On cooler days, slip into long-sleeve polos, turtlenecks and sweaters that hold in the heat but also wick moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable.

This is a good time to mention layering. Golf apparel was made for layering.

There are all kinds of quality golf pants, vests, pullovers, jackets and rainwear that are designed for comfort in all weather conditions—rain, wind, cold, anything. And don’t worry: you won’t look like the Incredible Hulk. All items are tailored to make you look and feel great.

Designed For Performance

You’re playing a challenging game and your clothing shouldn’t get in the way. Women’s golf apparel is made with golf performance in mind. Every article of clothing should help rather than inhibit your game.

The top brands use fabrics and materials that maximize freedom of movement. They include elastic waistbands and advanced stretchy fabrics that enable a full range of motion for every move you make on a golf course—from a big swing with your driver to bending down to retrieve your golf ball from the hole.

From head to toe, performance is built into women’s golf apparel and accessories to help you play your best.

Shield Your Skin From Harmful UV Rays

Play golf in the sun all day long. Without fear of harmful rays.

There’s no escaping the sun on the golf course, especially during those long, hot summer days. There’s also no need to hide in the shade.

Sun protection is much easier with today’s golf apparel and accessories. Clothing includes UV-blocking fabrics to protect your skin. Caps, hats and visors shield your head and face from the hot sun and its harmful rays. Options such as sun sleeves, long-sleeve tops, pants, capris and gloves also offer protection on sunny days. Of course, it’s also smart to slip on sunglasses and regularly apply sunscreen when the sun is out.

The Most Stylish Women In Golf

Lexi Thompson. Michelle Wie. Paula Creamer. All three are stars on the LPGA Tour. And all three are golf style icons, featured by GOLF in its February 2018 style issue.

LEXI THOMPSON, 23, stands 6 feet tall and wears Puma golf apparel. She describes her golf style as “colorful but comfortable.”

“I love bright colors out on the golf course. That way you can see me from everywhere, across the course,” Lexi says, laughing. “I have to match up everything, whether the visor and the shoes, or the glove and the visor. That’s what I’m known for.” Her Sunday color is blue. Another trademark is her ladybug earrings that come in many colors to match her outfits. Lexi has design input with Puma and participates in a few fittings a year. She tries on everything and considers the comfort of various materials. She won’t wear some items because they’re too restrictive. “It’s very important to be able to move out on the golf course,” she says.

MICHELLE WIE, 28, is also tall, 6 feet 1 inch, and wears Nike golf apparel. Michelle credits the company for making her look good on the golf course.

Her style? “I do love the sporty, feminine look,” she says. That includes being able to walk around in sweats and still look stylish. Comfort reigns. “I tell [Nike], if I’m not comfortable then I don’t feel good and then I don’t feel pretty.” Michelle was the first to rock high tops on the pro golf circuit. “[I]t was for my ankle protection. I had bad ankles and it gave me a lot of support.” Nike made her a pair of pink high tops after she won the 2014 U.S. Women’s Open at Pinehurst No. 2. “I love shoes,” she adds. “I think shoes are everything.”

PAULA CREAMER, 31, stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and wears Adidas golf apparel. She says, “I love fashion. I always have.”

Paula has a distinct fashion sensibility, both on and off the golf course. “I am classic but I am very edgy at the same time. I’ve always dressed age appropriate. I think that is important.” Her nickname is “The Pink Panther” for a reason, but Paula also wears many other colors, guided by one particular conviction. “I’m a matchy person on the golf course. It definitely drives me nuts when I see black shoes with white socks. Can’t do it. I just stare. I’m like, no, no, no. Bad. That’s a bogey,” she says, laughing. “Golf is a gentleman’s game. Very sophisticated. You have to dress the part. You don’t need to go crazy and over try. Tone it back. And then rock what you got and you’ll be good.”

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