Brampton Pro-Fix 5&15 Quick Cure Shaft Epoxy

Brampton Pro-Fix 5&15 Quick Cure Shaft Epoxy

Reshafting is made easy with Brampton's Pro-Fix Quick Cure Shaft Epoxy. Simply mix, apply, assemble, and set!
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Pro-Fix 5&15 Quick Cure

Clubmakers Choice.

PRO-FIX Quick Cure is a toughened medium-viscosity impact resistant two-part epoxy that gives the strength of long cure adhesives. Quick Cure has a gel time of 5-8 minutes and a playable strength within 20-30 minutes at standard temperature (allow longer time for colder temperatures).


  • Superior bond strength on all shaft types
  • Very easy to use squeeze bottle
  • 1:1 mix ratio by volume
  • Cure in 20-30 minutes
  • Easy cleanup

Mixing and Reshafting Instructions

Follow these steps in attaching shaft to hosel:

1. Mix equal amounts of part A & B in a clean, disposable container. *PRO-FIX 5&10 bottles dispense only enough for 1 use.

2. Mix thoroughly until the product has a uniform color.

3. Spread adhesive inside of the hosel with a round dowel or suitable applicator.

4. Spread a thin layer over tip prepared (grit-sanded) shaft. Examine for complete coverage.

5. Insert shaft into hosel with slight twist and align. Clean excess adhesive off with alcohol. Leave undisturbed to cure.

Additional Instructions

Quick setting adhesives have their own characteristics and must be used accordingly. Please follow these directions for best results.

  • Dispense only the amount you can use in two minutes.
  • Mix briefly but thoroughly.
  • Do NOT remix the material at any time during use.
  • Do NOT continue to use mixed product that has started to set or become gelled.
  • Do NOT move club while curing.

Following these instructions will give the maximum performance of 5&10 adhesive. Material that is over-mixed or used after cure is initiated will result in a reduction of properties and performance.

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